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Lesson 6 – Part 11 – Installing the BYOB Agility Free Skin

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The next thing we’re going to do is install the Agility free skin for Thesis 2. We’ll come back over here to Thesis home and go to Skin and Manage Skins.

Upload the Skin

Then upload a skin and choose the file. Obviously I downloaded it first and I’ve already got it here in my computer. Let’s see where is Agility free, it’s going to be byob_agility_free.

How to Avoid Problems

I should point out a mistake that beginners make fairly routinely when doing something like this. They’ll click add skin or add box, upload it, choose a file like that byob_agility_free and if they download more than one copy of the same file, the operating systems start adding numbers to it. You can see byob_agility_free (1) or byob-bx-slider (1) here.

If you try to install this it would break. It will not work. You have to install it without any name changes. So after you install it as it comes, if it’s one of my boxes or one of my skins and it’s got a 1 after that, don’t use that version of it. If you need to do something you can delete the old version and rename the new version without the number.

They also don’t work if they’re unzipped. Some people are using the Mac and their Mac will unzip the file and they can’t figure out why it won’t install properly. The file has got to be a zipped up file in order for this to work.

Preview the Skin in Development Mode

Currently the Thesis Classic skin is activated and this Agility skin is not activated. Before we activate it I want to show you this “preview the skin in development mode”. So, I’ll click on that. Preview in development mode means that you can be working on this Agility skin and you can even see that skin in action when you log in.

I ‘m logged in here but I’ll bring up a browser where I’m not logged in so you can see the difference. So when you’re not logged in you still see the other skin. So this preview gives you the ability to be working on one skin without it affecting the rest of the site.

That’s what it means to be working on it in preview mode. When you’re in preview mode and you go to skin design, the skin design settings you set are for the skin that’s in preview mode.

Skin Layout

Agility Free has a similar set of setups to the premium version. Actually, the Agility Free skin looks just like the regular Agility skin except that it’s got a different color scheme. It’s got the 2 column bottom footer, the adjustable column top footer, it has the feature box at the top and it has a large content area on the main page.

The typical page is 2 columns wide and the blog page shows excerpts with thumbnails and a Read More button and Comments button like this. The single post template has the large featured image with the sidebar to take widgets and this kind of a comment form.

The archive template also looks like the blog template. It’s got the archive title and then an excerpt version of the post. So those are the typical kinds of layout components that you can expect in this.

Skin Customization

The ColorScale works in very much the same way, I picked that green. Now there are a bunch of more colors here that will change so you’ve got quite a bit more extensive set of colors that change in this case.

You do have a larger range of options available to you. For example, you can setup your footer menu differently from the main menu setup and the main menu has a whole bunch of other styles. So you can completely customize the appearance of the menu in a way that Thesis Classic doesn’t allow you to and you can customize the main menu separately from the footer menu.

You can customize the different ways in which the sidebar widgets work and you can set up the sidebar widgets differently than the footer widgets and you can setup footer widget text versus the footer headings.

You can also set up different backgrounds and add different background colors and background images. This does provide the ability to add background images for the main body background which is something that the Thesis Classic doesn’t do. It gives you a whole bunch of things like that and the paid version is even more extensive than that.

In terms of skin content, you can choose which menu should go in the footer. Since there was no choice made, it was sharing the main menu on both places but footer menu and then the top menu will set to the main menu. So it does come with 2 menu locations pre-configured.

It’s got this menu location and then it’s got this one. It has a copyright box where you can set up your copyright information. You can say your company name and if you put a starting date in like I started in 2010 then save that, refresh your page, come down look at it, now you see Copyright 2010-2014 All Rights Reserved.

It allows you to set the number of footer widgets and right now, it’s set up to have 4 but you can change that to set up 1, 2 or 3. You can actually even change the name of the widget areas you want but there’s no real benefit in that.

You can also change the value of the Read More link so if we come over to our articles right now, this says Read More but you could change it to say Learn More or whatever you like. So there are all kinds of settings like that you can do.

Features of the Agility Nude Skin Paid Version

The paid version of Agility actually gives you a whole bunch more menu items that you can change and you can style the main menu, the header menu, the footer menu, any secondary menu you choose to place. You have a much wider range of backgrounds that you can change including extra background styles that you can set.

It has extra styling for different header combinations and submit buttons and all that sort of thing. So there’s a few more options that are available in the paid version than in the free version but nevertheless, conceptually they’re very much the same.

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