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Lesson 6 – Part 6 – Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – BYOB Website

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Now, as I said already BYOBWebsite has 3 different Thesis 2 skins. I have the Agility skin which comes in a couple of different versions. It comes in the free version and it comes in the premium version essentially. We’re now working in Thesis 2.2 and it works perfectly in Thesis 2.2.

BYOB Agility Nude Skin Overview

The Agility skin is specifically designed to be a small business skin, that is it is pre-configured with the front page template. Let’s begin by activating Agility Nude and now we’ll go back to the site.

Layout and Setup

This is what Agility looks like in its default condition. It has a full width framework, that is each of its elements will span the full distance of the browser window and then each of them have a page width area inside of them.

The front page has a big feature box. Let’s got to a site where I test out Thesis 2 ideas, thesis2-test. This site will show you the default layout and setup. You can see we have a feature box that you can use to put a slider in or something like that.

It’s got a full width content area, it’s got a top footer widget area and a bottom footer widget area. Otherwise it’s a 2 column layout although it is designed to allow an intermediate user to convert it into a 3 column layout.

Easily Configurable Design Options for Extensive Styling

It has very highly configurable design options. For example, let’s go back to the dashboard and look at our skin design section. There are a ton of skin design options. It has lots of different font style options, you can style the widget areas and a whole bunch of different widget areas differently.

It has extensive styling for menus to the point we can create just about any menu anyway you want. And it has extensive styling for backgrounds in the various areas on the site.

It also has its own custom media queries so that when you add something yourself custom, you can put your media query code in here and it will put it in the correct spot so it’s most highly effective.

As I said, Agility has a ton of design options. It is primarily a flat design which means that it doesn’t really make use of gradients and that kind of thing. All of the colors are flat as they lay out and the buttons are all flat.

It does include styling for the Thesis AWeber and MailChimp signup boxes and special styling for various widgets.

For intermediate users it also includes tools that allow you to very easily create very sophisticated and yet still responsive layouts without having to resort to code yourself.

Agility doesn’t have to layout in 2 columns every where; you could have 1 section of the site as 2 columns and another section of the site be 1 column and another section of the site be 3 columns. And, as long as you use the tools that are built into it for creating those sections, all of that will stay responsive all of the time. This is something that I think sets the BYOB skins apart from the rest of the crowd.

I assume that my customers, my members, want to do a lot of customization so I have a lot of tools in there that are specifically to make it possible for non-coders to customize the layout of Agility. We have 3 seminars to make sure you can use Agility to it’s fullest extent: How to Use the Agility Skin; Styling the Agility Skin and Customizing Templates in the Agility Skin.

Difference Between the Free Agility Nude and the Premium Agility Nude

Carl asks me the difference between Agility Nude and Agility Free. Agility Nude is the paid version, Agility Free is the free version. We’re going to be installing Agility Free here at the end of the class so you’ll see what it can do but Agility Nude is the full-blown version. Agility Free has a lot of the same tools but not all of them and it has a different color scheme so you’ll see what that looks like when we get to that point.

Somebody asked me, “What makes it Nude?”. Well, the “Nude” refers to essentially two things. One is it has fairly limited styles that is it’s intended to be more of a blank canvas with tools to allow you to style that canvas, that’s one hint of the “nude”. The other is that it was that was the name of the color scheme that I chose from whatever website it was that I used. It’s based on the nude color scheme so that’s where “nude” comes from.

BYOB Carta Skin Overview

The second skin that we have is Carta and Carta is also designed for small businesses. Let’s go to Manage Skins and we’ll activate Carta so you can the default.

Layout and Setup

Again, it can be used without using the blog functionality, it has a customized front page with a widgetized feature box again allowing for a slider or something like that, a big full width content area and then it has these special attention boxes that allow you to include featured pages and link off to those featured pages.

It has widget areas and the footer and then the copyright section below that. If we go to a regular page you’ll see this a 2 column layout.

Specialized Styles

It does have some specialized styles for widget areas so you can apply pre-configured set of styles to your widget areas or to individual widgets. It does have some special styling for featured images and that sort of thing.

It does have styling for both the AWeber and the MailChimp boxes and this is not a flat design obviously. It’s got gradients involve in various places and does support the use of gradients throughout the skin.

Easily Configurable Design Options for Extensive Styling

It also is very highly configurable in a way that’s very similar to Agility. It has a ton of design options that can be used to transform the skin into something entirely different. In fact, essentially it has all the same tools that Agility has for creating extensively different layouts for a website. So it’s a very powerful skin as well. We also have 3 seminars to make sure you can use Carta to it’s fullest extent: Using the Carta Skin; Styling the Carta Skin and Customizing Templates in the Carta Skin.

BYOB Maintenance Mode Skin

The third skin that I have is the Maintenance Mode skin and this skin is primarily to allow you to essentially set up a skin that displays the maintenance page while you’re working on another Thesis 2 skin.

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