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Lesson 6 – Part 5 – Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – DIY Themes

We just covered the types of Thesis 2 skins available so the next thing to do is take look at the various Thesis skins that are available. We’re going to start off by taking a look at the DIY Themes skins.

Thesis Classic Responsive

The first skin that comes automatically built-in to Thesis is the Classic Responsive skin. If you’ve had any experience with Thesis 1.8.5 you’ll recognize this as being very similar to the original Thesis 1.8.5 design. It’s a very minimalist skin with primarily a 2 column layout. It does come with the ability for you to just make it a single column as well. So it’s either a single column or a 2 column layout and it does not go into 3 columns easily.

So if you’re saying to yourself, “Gosh, I really want a 3 column layout Classic Responsive”, unless you’re prepared to do a fair bit of customization, Classic Responsive isn’t going to get you there but because of its simple design, it is suitable both for a blog or a small business website.

It is a page width style design which means it doesn’t have any elements to span the entire width of the browser window, everything is contained inside of the width of the page.

It is actually a very good starting point for a designer or a developer because it does give you a relatively blank canvas. We’re going to install and configure Thesis Classic later on in the class so you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about but in summary this is a great place to start.

In fact, I should show you a great example from one of my members. It’s liveruralsimply. This is done by a designer who has taken Thesis Classic and customized it quite a bit. So it’s absolutely possible for Thesis Classic to take on the style that you want it to especially if you are a competent designer.

Social Triggers Skin

The next one is the Social Triggers. This was the second skin released. Social Triggers is a 2 column page width style skin. It is still nevertheless a relatively minimalistic skin with a relatively minimalistic style.

Take a look at its text styles. It does have some attention boxes or highlight boxes and it does have some minimal styling for signup boxes and that sort of thing. It does have a very distinct menu style and we if come over and take a look at the sample page, you can get a feel for it.

It does have a landing page with a nice little optin box set up for it and it does have this large feature box that’s designed essentially to be a big advertising optin where you can use the AWeber or MailChimp box and use it for an optin here.

It’s really what this skin is designed to do and as such it’s suitable primarily for blogs. A typical small business website probably is going to require a bunch of customization in order for you to make this into a good small business website.

Promo Skin

The next one is the Promo skin and this skin is very highly stylized. We’ve left the minimalist skins behind now. It is a 2 column skin and it’s kind of a hybrid between a full width skin and a page width skin.

It has this header section that spans all the way across the top. It has this promo bar that spans all the way across the top. I’ve forgotten the name of that promo bar plugin but you can easily add some sort of a promotional thing up here in this and it’s got a minimalistic footer area that goes all the way across the bottom as well.

It has lots of very highly stylized elements like these icons and social media icons. It has attention boxes or styling for widget areas. It has a highly stylized sidebar signup box and then it has this interesting feature which I think people like quite a bit. It is this tab widget area again for blog elements.

Again, it’s suitable primarily for blogs. It doesn’t have a special setup for a front page and it’s really designed to show things like Twitter profiles and author profiles and comment count and all the kinds of things that you expect in a blog. So this is primarily suitable for blogs and the tab widget thing really only works for blog elements so something to keep in mind when you’re making your choice.

Pearsonified Skin

Finally, we have the Pearsonified skin and in fact, Pearsonified skin is probably the most sophisticated Thesis 2 skin put up by DIY Themes. This skin is very highly stylized. You can see all of these stylistic features that come along with it. For example, the text styles and action and it’s got all kinds of very clever styling like these attention boxes or alert boxes. It’s got a signup form box and the widget heading styles and things like that. It’s very highly stylized.

It comes with a couple of different landing page templates one of them with the big image up at the top, one of them was narrower and one of them was wider. This image is something that can be customized on a page by page basis so if you want a nice big full width image that sits there, it’s absolutely possible for you to do that in a bunch of different places.

If we look at the full width page layout, and this sort of a typical page layout, the sidebars really have dramatic graphic elements that draw your attention to them. Again, it’s a 2 column skin and it’s page width so it doesn’t have any elements to span from browser window to browser window except for the body background.

I think it’s probably mostly suitable again for blogs. This has been the focus of DIYThemes forever, they focuses on blogging and on blogs and this is a continuation of that. We’re going to do a seminar here in a not very distant future where we create a video blog site using Pearsonified and I think you’ll find it to be a very interesting seminar. And those are the DIY Themes skins.

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