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Lesson 6 – Part 7 – Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – Other Skin Designers

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Besides the skins offered by DIYThemes and skins by BYOBWebsite for Thesis 2, we have Themedy. And the theme I want to draw your attention to here with Themedy is the Clip Cart skin.

Themedy’s Clip Cart Skin – an eCommerce Skin

This is a very specialized skin for Thesis and it’s specialized because Clip Cart is specifically designed to work with WooCommerce. So you wouldn’t use Clip Cart for a regular small business website, you would use Clip Cart for an eCommerce website and it’s probably the best example of an eCommerce skin anywhere.

Fully Stylized Product Pages and Specialized Templates

Included with the skin is support for WooCommerce as well as product pages like this one here that are laid out in a grid fashion that have already fully stylized product pages and places for multiple product images.

It has specialized templates for the shopping cart and for checkout and all that is automatically responsive without any actual effort on your part.

Both Page Width and Full Width Display Available

It does have a number of preset styles – there a quite a few stylistic choices. It is very highly stylized, they’ve put a lot of thought and design care into things like the button design. It has a built-in slider for you to use to display featured products and it can be both full width as we’re looking at it here with these things going all the way across the browser window and also page width where you have a very strong page definition around it.

You can see what the cart looks like and the checkout page looks like and that kind of thing. And while it’s got a “Checkout with Paypal” button there, in fact, it’ll work with any of the WooCommerce payment providers so it’s a very sophisticated skin.

Gallery System and Affiliate Ad System

It does have its own gallery system and it’s got sponsor widgets where you can put affiliate ads and that kind of stuff in this widget so it’s got a bunch of stuff that are I think particularly useful again for eCommerce websites.

Blogging is Optional

I think it’s a spectacular choice for that. It does include the ability for you to continue to use a blog along with this site so it doesn’t ignore that but you don’t actually need the blog in order to do that.


It also comes with a bunch of shortcodes with other button styles and information boxes and it lets you set up columns and quotes and it’s got different list styles.

Social Media Buttons

It does include its own social media buttons for you to be able to add social media to your site without actually having to add any plugins and the social media integrates nicely with the products, so product pages have that. It is very full featured, very sophisticated, nicely designed skin for Thesis 2.

Inspire Skin from iCustomizeThesis for Small Businesses

The next one I want to show you is my favorite skin of Puneet’s, iCustomizeThesis, and it’s the Inspire skin. The inspire skin has a fully developed color scheme using the Thesis Design Options.

Let’s look at the demo. It’s got a very nice responsive menu, it has nice little icons, it has a featured page, attention boxes, it has built-in this soliloquy slider so the front page automatically has the slider.

Front Page Features

The front page also has this little feature call to action box. Sometimes they call that the “hero” box and it does have all of what you see built into it. It allows you to display any kind of content here. For the demo, it’s saying “from the blog” but you can display just about anything here. You see it goes from the slider to 3 columns to a full width down to 2 column layout and then again it’s got a nice widgetized area with its own built-in social icons and an attribution area.

Landing Page, Featured Images, Styled Widgets

It does come with a very simple landing page and it also comes with a nice use of featured images and the blog and nicely styled widgets.

It’s a very full featured skin that I think is very well-positioned for a small business website especially for a business that has an interest in displaying a large responsive slider. Small businesses will probably get good benefit out of this with featured sections and then any kind of content else you want on your front page. It’s a great theme actually, it’s my favorite of his.

Thesis DNA Skin by Rich Barrett

There’s a third theme developer that I wish I was showing you. His skin is called Thesis DNA. Rich Barrett at is the guy who has developed this skin and if he would just quit adding features to it he could actually publish this thing. This is a very, very powerful skin. It’s very sophisticated and it has a high degree of customize ability to it.

There are a lot of very nice features with it and I wish I could show it to you but I can’t just yet. If he takes my advice he’s got to stop adding features right now and just publish it. If you go over to his site and sign up, he might let you be a beta tester. He’ll be amazed at how cool his skin is.

Ray asked, “Will the DNA skin work with eCommerce?” Well, it probably will work with eCommerce but it’s not designed specifically to work with WooCommerce. It would be like using Carta with WooCommerce which is perfectly acceptable but it doesn’t have sort of the built-in features for WooCommerce that Clip Cart does.

Strictly speaking, a skin that is designed to be used with any kind of eCommerce platform but with WooCommerce in particular is a very specialized thing and so anyway, it doesn’t have any of the sort of specialized features that Clip Cart has although it is specifically for small businesses.

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