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Lesson 6 – Part 4 – Types of Thesis 2 Skins

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So what types of skins are there in Thesis? Thesis has a couple of built in skins which we’ll take a look at here in a moment and those built in skins are Thesis Classic and Thesis Blank because Thesis 2 can’t exist or can’t operate properly without a skin.

Thesis 2 Classic Skin and Blank Skin

So when Thesis 2 discovers that there are no skin files for it to work, it automatically creates its own skin files because it needs some kind of a skin for it to work. And it comes installed with the Thesis Classic skin and the Thesis Blank skin.

Skins for Purchase from DIY Themes

In the not too distant future, DIY Themes will have a set of skins that you can purchase and that some of you have already purchased really, even though they’re not available yet. And at the moment, I’m going to show you where they’ll be available under Thesis Downloads and skins. I expect the Personified skin and the Social Trigger skin to show up here pretty soon but at the moment, there aren’t any skins that are actually available from DIY Themes.

I think that a year from now, there’s going to be a very large vibrant skin marketplace and you’ll be able to access lots of different skins from DIY Themes. But in the meantime, Thesis only has the built in skins available from DIY Themes.

BYOB Agility Skin and Maintenance Mode Skin for Thesis 2

I have skins and I have this Agility skin which was released yesterday for Thesis 2 and which we’ll be looking at today. I also have the Maintenance Mode skin for Thesis 2 which I talk about in other classes and I’m not going to talk about it here. But this is another skin that our members can download and use and it’s primarily used for setting up a maintenance mode while you happen to be working on your own skin.

I also have some things called Thesis Classic skin modifications and we’ll talk about those a bit later. But they’re not actually skins, they are skin modifications.

Thesis 2 Skins Available from

There are also skins available from other 3rd parties and I’m going to suggest a handful of 3rd parties that I think are excellent sources of skins. The first one is Puneet Sahalot’s He’s got 3 skins here. He’s got the BizLife Pro Mobile Responsive business skin which I think is quite well done.

He’s got the Thesis Eleven40 mobile responsive Thesis skin which is an excellent skin but it’s not really a beginner skin. It’s really for a web designer who understands how the Eleven40 grid system works. If you understand how the Eleven40 grid system works, you can immediately employ it using this skin. And then he’s got this BizLife Free skin and so by all means, check out his stuff. You can download this and play with it and decide whether or not it’ll be useful to you.

Thesis 2 Skins Available from

Another long time Thesis developer is And is in the process of taking their Thesis skins and converting them into Thesis 2 skins. So right now, you have the Quick, the Grind, and the Reactive skins. But they have a whole bunch of different child themes and they are in the process of converting those child themes into skins here. These guys make excellent product and they’re well worth taking a look at so I think you’ll find that they have a very high quality selection.

Thesis 2 Skins Available from Kolakube

Now another regular Thesis person… let’s see, Kolakube. He’s got 1 skin and that’s the Marketer’s Delight. And he really focuses on this one skin and it’s quite a powerful skin. So if you’re a marketer this is may be useful to you, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Kolakube.

Thesis 2 Skins Available from

And then Rich Thurman, one of our members, has a site called the And he is collecting various sources of skins, boxes and packages for people to download. And this is an excellent source for ongoing cross community elements that you can add to your Thesis 2 site.

All 4 of these sites are included in the lesson outline in the session notes that you can download from the site here. In fact, I should have shown you that. You know, you can download the Lesson 6 slides that I showed you earlier and you can also download lecture notes. Those links to these sites are inside the lecture notes here.

So those are all various sources for Thesis skins and I think that 12 months from now, there’s going to be a huge market place full of lots and lots of different Thesis 2 skins. But all of us are currently trying to get our sea legs on this.

BYOB Agility Skin Recap

This is what the the Agility Nude skin really looks like. Agility is going to be a family of skins that have the same underlying architecture but have different styles associated with them. And so we’ll be taking this Agility Nude skin and turning it into this skin here. And so our starting point is going to be this… the Agility Nude skin. And I call it nude primarily because it has very limited styling. There are only a couple of different colors and there’s very limited styling on it so that it’ll be fairly easy for you to take and convert to your own style.

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