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Lesson 7 – Organizing Your Professional Services Site

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In lesson 7 of our Build a Responsive Professional Website using the Thesis Theme 2, we focus on how to organize a small business/professional website. We talk about why good site organization is so important and how we’ll be organizing the site we are creating in this series. Finally, we review the set of WordPress tools we’ll be using for site organization and begin creating the first pages of the website.

The importance of Good Site Organization

  • Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
  • Why should the site be well organized?
    • Help your readers find what they need
    • Help Google find what searchers are looking for
    • The role of site structure in SEO
  • How should the site be organized
    • Use a simple hierarchy

How our site is organized

  • The physical structure of the site
    • the main site sections
      • home
      • services
      • case studies
      • testimonials
      • about
      • articles
    • The resulting urls
  • The conceptual structure of the site
    • promotion
    • information
    • establish expertise
    • call to action

Using WordPress Tools to Organize the site

  • 2 sets of tools – Static tools & Dynamic tools
  • Pages
  • Posts

Create the Pages

  • Create the static Front page
  • Create the dynamic articles page
  • Create the rest of the pages
  • Use child pages for organizing
  • Use page attributes for organizing page views

Create the Menu

  • Create a Menu
    • Give it a Name
    • Assign it a location
    • Add Pages to it
  • Arranging the menu
    • Drag and Drop
    • Nesting
  • Changing the Labels
  • Add a custom link
  • Add other links
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Posts

Understanding the Agility Grid

  • Every Agility page is made up of horizontal and vertical divisions
  • Primary Horizontal Divisions – Areas
  • Primary Vertical Divisions – Area Pages
  • Secondary Vertical Divisions – Columns
  • Column Widths

The Agility 2 Column Header Configuration

  • 2 Styles of Smart Header
  • 2 Column Header Configuration Options
    • Choose a column Configuration
    • Choose the content for the left column
    • Choose the content for the right column
  • How to Add a Header Image to the 2 Column Header
    • Choose the right size image
    • Upload Image to the media library
    • Copy & paste the image URL
    • What happens if the image is too large?
    • How does the image respond to smaller screens?

The Agility 1 Column Header Configuration

  • 1 Column Header Configuration
    • Choose the content for the header
      • Drag content
      • Widget Area
      • Header Image
    • Responsive Header Images in the 1 column header
      • Shrink to fit
      • Substitute

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