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Lesson 8 – Part 1 – How to Manually Upgrade the Agility Skin for Thesis 2

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Well good morning everybody and welcome to Lesson 8 of our How To Build A Responsive Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2. Today we are going to be working on setting up the appearance of our site. Before we dive right into that we’re going begin with how to manually upgrade Agility.

Agility Nude Skin 1.0.2

Let’s come over here to Member Benefits and Skins for Thesis Theme 2.0. Click on the Agility Skin and if you scroll all the way down here to the bottom, you will note that Agility Nude is now up to version 1.02 as of couple of days ago.

New Version Includes an Automatic Upgrade

Version 1.02 does include an automatic upgrade feature which will make manually upgrading the skin unnecessary in the future. But today, if you are using a version that’s lower than 0.2 which most of you probably are, you need to upgrade this using the manual process.

Manual Upgrade Process – Applicable to Any Skin, Box or Package

This manual process actually applies really to anybody else’s skins or boxes or packages. DIYThemes has their own built in upgrade system where you can upgrade directly from inside of your dashboard and are notified when upgrades are available. But besides DIYThemes, nobody else but us has figure out how to do this.

And so at the moment, if you’re using somebody else’s skin or boxes, you would follow this exact same procedure to upgrade it. This is an important skill set to have even though Agility 1.02 now includes the ability for automatic updates.

Download the Latest Version of the Agility Skin

So let’s get to it and download the latest version of Agility. Just click on that and if you’re in Chrome, you don’t have to right click on it and hit save because it just automatically starts downloading once this is there.

And I can see, unfortunately, I already have a copy of Agility Nude in this folder and so I’m going to actually delete both of them. You can’t install it with a one after the name like this. If you’ve got a name like this here, you have to get rid of that one and get it all the way back to its original file name. I’m just going to close this down and redownload it again.

Backup Existing Skin Data

With Agility downloaded, now you come back over to your site and the site for today’s class is We’re going to come back over to our dashboard here and go to Thesis and skins. And you can see we’ve got Agility Nude 1.0 installed here. And when we upgrade, it’ll show 1.0.2.

But before we do any upgrading, we want to back up whatever changes we have made so far to the skin. So we’re going to come to the Skin Editor and go to the manager. You need to tell it to allow pop ups here. Go to the manager and just create a new backup. And what you’re doing is you’re backing up your skin data.

So you’re backing up any settings that you may have already made in your Agility skin. It doesn’t back up the rest of your website. It doesn’t back up content or anything like that. What this backs up is just whatever changes you’ve made to the Agility Nude skin in the Skin Editor.

Export Skin

We’re going to say pre-upgrade to 1.02, say okay to that. And against the possibility that there is a problem, I’m just going to go ahead and export this. And what that does is it downloads it directly to your computer. I’m just going to go ahead and export that.

Delete Files

And with that done, I’m going to come back to Thesis and select skin. I’m going to activate Thesis Classic and then I’m going to delete Agility Nude. Now deleting Agility Nude only deletes the files. It doesn’t actually delete the changes that you made to Agility. Those are still being saved inside the database which poses a problem for somebody if they thought they could just get back to the original blank slate condition of Agility and start again from scratch if they feel like they messed it up. This is not a way to solve that problem. I’ll show you how to solve that problem later but for the time being, when you delete a skin, it doesn’t automatically delete its data.

Upload and Install Agility Skin 1.0.2

So now this skin is deleted, now we can upload the skin again. And now of course, we’re picking our fresh file, right? Here it is, BYOB Agility Nude zip. I’m going to open that up and add the skin. It says my skin was successfully installed so now we’ll go back and activate it. It now shows the version is 1.02, right?

And if we go back and look at the site, you can see it’s all the way back to exactly the same state it was when we left it. It still has this header image in instead of the standard header image and everything is exactly as we left it last time. I don’t actually have to restore any of the stuff that I’ve done in the past.

What to do if there’s an Upgrade Problem

But if there was a problem, if something had happened to this and then it failed you could come over to the Skin Editor and go over to Manager. Notice that it’s saved this pre-upgrade right here? So pre-upgrade to 1.02, it still has this in this even though we deleted Agility Nude and reinstalled Agility Nude. It recognized that once we reinstalled it that it was still essentially the same skin.

So if the options don’t come through properly when you install it, you can always simply click restore on this and it would restore all of the settings you backed up directly to this. And you can see, again, it looks exactly like it did before because there wasn’t any real change in the settings.

The reason I had you download it is because there’s always the possibility that all hell breaks loose and things don’t work quite right. Or something gets lost or some error happens in the database or whatever. And in that case, you could have imported the skin data that you had downloaded.

You’d go to Import skin data, choose the file and now you could choose this BYOB Agility Nude text file. I’m going to arrange this by date to make sure I’ve gotten the right one. You can just click on this here, open it, import that data and that is exactly the same thing as restoring this.

So that’s what happens if something goes wrong. But generally, nothing does go wrong but you’re going to back up just in case. But generally speaking, nothing’s going to go wrong and after you’ve deleted and reinstalled, all of your settings should be in exactly the same place.

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