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Lesson 8 – Part 6 – Setup the Footer Background Colors

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Now we’re going to setup the footer background colors. And the footer background colors are… where is that? Footer area top and background color… yeah, it’s the same color red that we’re using everywhere else. And I think I used a text color for that, didn’t I? No, okay. I guess not.

Set the Main Accent Background Color

So then our main accent background color is BC4 and it’ll be that color there. And so now, we’re going to come to the footer top area. It’s not going to be BC1, it’s going to be BC4.

Set the Footer Bottom Area Color

Our footer bottom area is not going to be TC2 but it will be BC4 as well. And now we have our colors set up across here.

Now there’s a bunch of styling that we need to do to widget areas and other areas but we’re going to do those in subsequent sessions when we learn what widgets are and what the parts of widgets are.

But for now we have the basic styling finished until we go to About Us and all of a sudden, you see things don’t look right. And that’s because our header isn’t set up properly on other pages. So next we’ll move on to the concept of templates.

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