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Lesson 11 – Add Style and Content to the Home Page Using Plugins & Widgets

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Lesson 11 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Thesis theme and WordPress focuses on how to add style and content to the Home Page of your small business website using plugins and widgets.

We begin by talking about what templates are and the template choices available in the Thesis theme so that you can choose the template you want for your Home Page. Then we talk about what the Feature Box is and show how to display it and position it on a page, here we’re adding it to the Home Page. Once you understand the basics we move on to examples of ways you can use the Feature Box to add a slideshow or a Call To Action.

We then show how to style widgets using our Thesis Widget Styles Plugin and how to add widgets using our Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin. We finish the lesson by showing how to insert content in the Home Page widgets and then style them.

Change the Home Page Template – Watch the Video

  • What’s a Template?
  • What changes in a Thesis Template?
  • Thesis Template Choices
    • Default Template
    • Archives
    • Custom Template
    • No Sidebars

Configure the Thesis Theme Feature Box – Watch the Video

  • What is the Feature Box?
  • Thesis Theme Design Options – Placement
    • Position on the Page
    • Choose which page displays the feature box
    • Choose position in the content column
  • Thesis Theme Design Options – Display Options

Install and Configure the BYOB Thesis Feature Box Layout Plugin – Watch the Video

  • Download and install
  • What the Plugin Does
  • 3 elements
    • Feature box
    • Feature box row
    • Widget column
  • Configure the plugin
    • 1 row, 2 columns
    • Review in the Widgets panel
    • Set column width
  • Understanding Padding and Margins

Add a Slideshow to the Feature Box – Watch the Video

  • Download and Install Meteor Slideshow
  • Settings
  • Add new slideshow
  • Add new slides
  • Add slideshow widget to Feature Box

Add a Call to Action to the Feature box – Watch the Video

  • Add text widget to Feature Box
  • Add text

Add Styling to Widgets Using the BYOB Thesis Widget Styles Plugin – Watch the Video

  • Download and install the plugin
  • What the plugin does
  • 3 elements
    • Overall widget
    • Widget heading
    • Widget body
  • Progressive Refinement
  • Create 3 widget styles
  • Create the typical widget style
  • Create the widget style for the slide show

Add Attention Boxes with the BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin – Watch the Video

  • Download and install
  • What the plugin does
  • 2 elements
    • Widget blocks
    • Widget columns
  • Create a widget block with 3 columns
  • Adjust width
  • Adjust margins

Add Text, Images and Links to the Attention Boxes – Watch the Video

  • Add text widget
  • Upload image
  • Add text
  • Add link
  • Style using the Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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