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Lesson 11 – Part 5 – Add a Call to Action to the Feature box

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The next we’re going to do is we’re going to put that Call to Action in here. This is something very similar to what we did last time. Let’s go back to Appearance and I’m going to duplicate this one.

Add Content to the Feature Box

In order to duplicate that, we’re going to go to a Widget Column 2 and I’m going to drag this Black Studio TinyMCE text widget in, I’m going to copy this and paste it. I don’t need the AWeber form for this so I’m just going to copy that without the AWeber form, switch to HTML view, paste it and hit Save. Come back over and refresh this and we have begun.

We have a title, a phone number, call to action and some text. By the time we’re finished with this, it’s going to look like this but this is what it looks like at the moment. We have used the Meteor Text Widget to add this content to our Feature Box and this Feature Box doesn’t show up on any other pages.

This isn’t a Feature Box, what you see right here, that’s the image from that. Come back over to Home page and there’s our Feature Box.

Next we are going to add styling to the widgets using our BYOB Thesis Widget Styles plugin.

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