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Lesson 11 – Part 7 – Add Attention Boxes with the BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin

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Install and Activate BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin

There’s one last thing to do here tonight and that is to create these Attention Boxes by using another plugin of mine, the BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin.

Let’s come back over to the website and we are going to the Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin. What it does is it puts widget areas in the content area by means of a short code, that’s why it’s named that. We’ll go ahead and download it, then come back over to the site and install it. Choose the file, install it, activate it.

Under this menu, we have shortcode content widgets and it’s going to start looking very familiar here. What this plugin does is it gives you the ability to do this, that is it will allow you to create sidebars or widget areas that you can place inside the content by means of a shortcode.

Widget Blocks and Widget Columns

If we look at our page for a second, the shortcode is this right here, [byob-content-widget block=1]. This little piece of code has put these 3 sidebars, Widget Block 1 – Widget Column 1, 2 and 3 in that page, that’s what this plugin does. If we come back over here, you recall that the previous plugin we looked at had the Feature Box, Feature Box Rows and then Widget Columns. The equivalent to that here is that we have Widget Blocks and Widget Columns.

A Widget Block is essentially the equivalent of the Feature Box Row, it is a row of widget columns. You can choose up to 10 Widget Blocks but in this case, we’ll create 2 Widget Blocks and the same way as before, we can add each widget block to a number of columns and here, you can have up to 5 columns. We’re going to  pick 3 as the widget columns in the first widget block and hit Save.

Add a Widget Block to the Page

The way you add the widget block to the page is by copying the shortcode. The shortcodes start with this bracket and ends with that bracket. You can just come down here and copy it like that. If we come back over to edit page, go to the HTML view, scroll down here to the bottom of the text. In fact, we can put in the middle of text, [byob-content-widget block=1] and hit update.

We view the page by scrolling down here and see we’ve got these 3 widget areas now and they are equally-spaced. They will be equally-spaced unless we space them specifically, so that’ll automatically be equally-spaced. You can put these things anywhere inside of your content and they don’t have to span the whole widget content. You could have a single widget block with a single widget column and that could be sitting off here on the right hand side of your content in a specific location or another.

If you look at the videos here, I do have a complete set of videos on how to use the plugin. If you look at that, you’ll see other ways of using the Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin besides having a block with multiple columns. You can have a block with a single column and just put it on the side or intersperse it within a page. In any case, what we did here was we put it in the middle of the page.

Let’s come back over and look at the widgets panel again for a second. In our widgets panel we have Widget Block 1- Widget Column 1,  Widget Block 1- Widget Column 2 and  Widget Block 1- Widget Column 3 and then  Widget Block 2- Widget Column 1. It automatically created this Widget Block, with the single widget column when we said we wanted to create 2 Widget Blocks.

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