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Lesson 12 – Part 5 – Set the Display Style for Posts and Archive Pages

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The next we’re going to do is set the display style for Posts and Archive Pages. In terms of the typical display style at the moment, here is what our posts page looks like. This is what a single post looks like and an archive page. We’re going to copy this, that’ll be the easier way to get there later but an Archive page is going to look like this but right now it just shows the title and the image.

The Number of Posts Displayed on a Page

Now, we’re going to set Settings so that it displays what you want it to display. The first thing we’re going to look at is the number of posts that display on a page. We’ll take a look here at an example of that and if we go back over to my Live Answers page, I think I have this thing set to display 50 posts and that’s what’s showing up here.

If we come over here to Settings and Reading, you can see it says, Blog pages show at most, 10 posts and this is where you would set that. If you want your blog page to show 50 pages then you would put 50 in here. If you want to show 10, then you show 10 here but this is how you do it under your Reading, Settings, blog page show at most 10 posts. The same number will be applied to our Archive pages as well if we have that part set the number of posts that are going to be displayed on the page.

Thesis Theme Design Options

Now we just need to go to Thesis Theme Design Options and set the rest. We’re going to start off by looking at the Home page display options. This is one of those places in which it’s an imprecise language because it’s not the Home page, it’s only the Home page if you’re doing a blog. Since we’re not doing a blog, it’s the Posts page and that’s what this really means.

Posts Page Display Options

The Posts page display options says, Features and Teasers and this is where you select a number of Featured Posts to show which is why here we have two Full posts and two Teaser posts because we’ve told it to show two Featured posts. We could tell it to show 10 Featured posts in which case it will show no Teasers and refresh it, now it’s showing all Featured posts. We could just set it to show one Featured post and then all the rest will be Teasers except for the one.

We’ll set it at that. We’ll have it show one Featured post. Actually, I like the two Featured posts so we’re going to say two but you can see here how you can set it.  If you don’t ever want to show any Featured post, you just choose zero and in that case everything will be a Teaser, that’s for your Posts page display.

Archive Page Display Options

For your Archive pages, you have a different set of display options. That’s under Display Options and Archives and right now, it’s set to display titles only. When it says titles only, it means pictures and titles but we could say, Display everything as Teaser or we could say, display everything in exactly the same way as the Home page or we could say, display post excerpts which is a little bit different than a Teaser.

For the moment, let’s say, Everything’s a Teaser, hit Save, come back and look at this thing, articles/working-with-an-architect/ page where we have Everything’s a Teaser. It’s showing us the Teaser view. Let’s say Design Ideas because it’s showing us both posts that are under that category.

That’s what Everything’s a Teaser is. We could say Post excerpts, refresh it and it’s going to show the post image, the post title and the excerpt. This is showing you the bigger picture rather than the Teaser image. It’s  not showing in the teaser image, it’s showing you the full image or we could choose Titles only which is the way it was, or the same as your home page.

For Archives, I like Everything’s a Teaser but it can be anything you want there and any of those choices. It won’t affect your home page, it will only affect all of your Archive pages but it will affect them all the same way.

Configure the Way Teasers Look

Then we can reconfigure how these Teasers actually display and we can do that under our Teaser display options. Here you can see we’ve got all these things that we could show like the Author name and the Primary category. If we hit Save now, you’ll see it’s just adding stuff to this that wasn’t there before under Design Ideas under Bathrooms.

We can also under Teaser display options turn stuff off for example, the Edit post link which I think is a complete waste and we can move things around. We could drag Primary category to under the Post excerpt. In fact, we could drag the date to under the Post excerpt, hit Save and refresh. This allows you to display certain parts of it and to reorganize the way in which this is displayed.

This is my log in username but it could go to my real name if I came over to my User Profile and put my name in and display publicly as Rick Anderson. Come back over here, refresh and now instead of by byobrick, it’s by Rick Anderson. You have that ability.

You can also change up the thumbnail settings. You could make the thumbnail a 100 pixels wide and 66 pixels tall and hit Save. It has made them a different size and you can also move the thumbnail so that it can be above the headline and centered with no text wrap, hit Save and refresh. You have this option of being able to move those elements around so I’m going to put that Left with text wrap and below the headline. That is your configuring the way your Teasers look.

Configure Featured Posts

The other thing you can do is configure your Featured Posts and right now, our Featured Posts display the Full post. Under Display options and Posts, we could choose our Featured posts rather than displaying the full post content, we could display our post excerpts. If we hit Save and refresh this, it just shows the image, the title and the post excerpt rather than the Full post.

There’s another thing that we can change and that is our Post Navigation on a single post view. See where it says, Previous Post and Next Post? This makes sense in a blog site but for the kind of website we’re creating, it doesn’t make any sense at all because people aren’t sequentially working through your blog posts, they’re not sequentially moving through your Articles.

What you can do here under Posts is just take that out, “Show previous/next post links”, you can save that and now you don’t have this Previous Post and Next Post Link which is something that’s only useful if you’ve got a blog where there’s some kind of a sequential relationship that people want to look at but not useful in this kind of context.

That’s setting up the display of these posts and all of the blog post elements.

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