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Lesson 6 – Part 3 – More Benefits of Using the Thesis Theme

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Multimedia Box

Welcome back to the 3rd part of Lesson 6 in the How to Build a Website Tutorial Series. In this part of the lesson, we are going to look at and discuss some of the other benefits of using the Thesis theme for your small business website.

We’ll start this off by looking at the multimedia box. The multimedia box is this box above the sidebar. By default it is set up to display a set of rotating images. Every time you hit refresh, it changes the image randomly.

The real power of the multimedia box is that you can specify different content for different pages. This content can include images, text or videos. You can see this by opening up one of our pages.

So let’s click on “pages” and select a page from the list to edit.  Now scroll down here at the bottom to the “Multimedia Box Options” section.  Here you can see a place for you to put an image or a video or custom code.  Whatever you enter here will show up on the page instead of the default, even if the default is set not to show.

Upgrades and Support

Another benefit of Thesis Theme is unlimited upgrades. As an owner I’ve received every upgrade since version 1.6.  There are no upgrade fees and no annual fees.

Thesis also has excellent support – even if you’re not a member of BYOBWebsite!  The DIY Themes website has an extensive user manual that is continuously being improved. There is also a huge community forum where paid staff and active community members answer questions 24 hours a day.

On top of that, BYOBWebsite is a huge resource for how to use the Thesis Theme.  No other WordPress Theme has an independent resource as extensive as this.

BYOBWebsite Plugins

Plus Rick has designed a large number of plugins that give you a huge amount of control over the appearance and functionality of a Thesis website. These plugins only work with Thesis Theme. Throughout the remainder of this course we will be looking at how to use those plugins to enhance the small business website we are creating.

And that concludes Part 3 of Lesson 6 of the How to Build a Website Tutorial series. In the next part of the lesson, we’re going to create our Homepage and set up our first page.

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