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Lesson 6 – Part 1 – Purchase and Download the Thesis Theme

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Begin at DIY Themes

In the first part of the lesson, we will download and install the premium theme called Thesis. So we are going to Google “thesis theme” press enter and here we go, let’s click

There’s a bunch of sales stuff here but we already know we want to purchase it, so go ahead and select “Plans and Pricing” and select the “Personal Option” which will be $87. So we enter our name then our email address and choose a login name. Then choose a password, scroll down and confirm the password then click register and purchase button.

Now it has taken us to PayPal so we enter our login information. You may also use Visa or Mastercard if you prefer but I’m using PayPal so I’ll hit the pay now button. Ok, the payment has gone through.

Now we hit this link “login using your account settings” and because I’ve bought a few copies of this, the next screen will look a little different than yours.

Download Thesis to Your Local File Structure

Now here we are at the download page, there’s a very nice tutorial here and few videos on Thesis Theme. However, I’m going to go through this material with you myself anyway so we’ll just scroll down here at the bottom of the page then click this download link.

So now that I’ve finished downloading it, I’m going to open up the folder here, right click on the downloaded file and select cut. Then go back over to our local files structure where we going to save this under My Business Website/WordPress/Downloads. Then I’m just going to paste it here.

Next I’m going to extract the zip file, so I right click and select extract here. Now that’s done, let’s go ahead and cut that, go back up to WordPress/wp-content/themes and paste it right here. So here we are, we have Thesis 1.82 in this folder, we open it up and you can see it has all of the files that it needs in order to be installed.

I want to rename this “custom-sample” folder to “custom”, so we’ll just delete “sample”. The custom folder is the folder where any customization we will be doing will take place. Ok, so we have all these files setup in the right place in our local machine and now it’s time to open up FileZilla.

Use FileZilla to Upload Thesis to the Remote Site

We’re going to use the same process as in the previous sessions with FileZilla, we’re going go to File and select Site Manager. Connect to our site then come over to themes and then we will upload thesis_182.

So now we have Thesis 1.82  installed to our remote site. Let’s go ahead and open up our dashboard then. We’ll go to our browser and we will go to our site which in my case is and I’m going to go to our login page.

Activate Thesis

So here I am on my dashboard and just like we activated the themes in the earlier sessions, we are going to do the same thing with the Thesis Theme so, we’ll scroll down here to “Appearance” and “Themes”. And you can see that the Thesis theme is now here and available to activate so we’ll go ahead and select activate. And there we go, it says Thesis 1.82 is ready to rock.

Review Default Installation

We may as well take a look at our site here real quick so let’s right click on this link and open it in a new tab. And here we are at the default installation. We have the navigation bar up here, we have RSS subscription feed, our site title, tag line and this default post.

That wraps up the first part of Lesson 6 of the How to Build a Website Tutorial Series. In the next part of this lesson, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Thesis versus the free themes that we’ve looked at and you’ll see why this class is based on teaching you how to use the Thesis theme.

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