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Lesson 7 – Organizing your Site

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Lesson 7 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Thesis theme and WordPress is all about organizing your small business/professional services website.

We begin by talking about the kind of website we are building, who it is suitable for and the business purpose of the site. Three of the tutorials are about site organization focusing on how to have a well organized site, how the site we are creating will be set up both conceptually and physically and finally, the WordPress tools that we’ll use.

The lesson concludes by showing how to create the main pages of your website and keeping them organized.

The Kind of Site we are Creating – Solopreneur, Professional Services – Watch the Video

  • A website suitable for service professional or independent small business

    • architects, engineers, designers,
    • coaches, consultants,
    • contractors, sub-contractors
  • The business purpose for the site is:

    • This site architecture is unique
    • Help prospective clients find you when they are searching for your services online
    • Present the services that you offer
    • Establish your credibility in the field
    • Uniquely styled site
  • While the site may ultimately have a blog it is not strictly a blog site

    • Phase 1 – completely static site
    • Phase 2 – add blog functionality
  • With a specific set of tools

    • WordPress
    • Thesis
    • BYOB Thesis Plugins
    • NextGen Gallery Plugin
    • SH Slide Show Plugin
    • Google Analytics products
  • Why these tools?

    • Because I’ve tested them together and they work together
    • Because they can be used without learning CSS or PHP

The Importance of Good Site Organization – Watch the Video

  • Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Under the heading “Improving the Site Structure”

    • Improve the structure of your URLs
    • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Why should the site be well organized?

    • It helps your prospective customers find what they are looking for
    • Your site is easier to navigate
    • You listing in search results is more easily read
    • Google understands your site better
  • How should the site be organized

    • Develop a simple hierarchy
    • Strive for 5 – 8 Main Pages

How our Site is Organized – Watch the Video

  • The physical structure of the site

    • the main site sections
      • home
      • services
      • case studies
      • testimonials
      • about
      • articles
    • The resulting urls
  • The conceptual structure of the site

    • promotion
    • information
    • establish expertise
    • call to action

Using WordPress Tools to Organize the Site – watch the video

  • 2 sets of tools – Static tools & Dynamic tools
  • Pages
  • Posts

Create the Pages – Watch the Video

  • Create the static home page
  • Create the dynamic articles page
  • Create the rest of the pages
  • Use child pages for organizing
  • Use page attributes for organizing page views

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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