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Lesson 9 – Add Content to your Site

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In Lesson 9 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Thesis theme and WordPress we show you how to add content to your small business/professional services website.

We begin with the WordPress Text Editor which is where you add content to your site. We review the different parts and modes of the editor and then show how to add text to it from other software like MS Word and Google Docs. Once you know how the editor works, we show how to style your content using headings, links and lists. How you style your content is import for both search engine optimization (SEO) and for your reader to easily find what they are looking for and digest your content.

We move on from how to work with text to working with images and adding them into your pages. We finish off the lesson by discussing how to develop your on-page SEO. This involves both using some of styling techniques and Thesis’ built in SEO features.

Using the WordPress Text Editor – Watch the Video

  • Different views of the text editor

    • 2 Modes
      • Dashboard Mode
      • Full Screen Mode
      • Visual View
      • HTML View
  • Dashboard Mode Interface – Visual View

    • Media tool
    • View Tabs
    • Toolbar
      • minimal view
      • kitchen sink view
      • tool tips
  • Full Screen Mode – Visual View

    • Toolbar
    • Media tool
    • help
  • Dashboard Mode – HTML View

    • Media tool
    • Toolbar
  • Full Screen Mode – HTML View

Adding Text from Other Software – Watch the Video

  • Inserting Text from Word

    • Direct Paste
    • Paste using “paste from Word”
    • Paste to HTML
  • Inserting Text from Google Docs

    • Direct Paste
    • Paste using “paste from Word”
    • Paste to HTML
  • Insert text from Web Browser

    • Direct Paste
  • Rules to live by

    • Paste as little formatting as possible
    • Do all text formatting in WordPress
    • Check delete from within HTML view
  • Use of Lorem Ipsum text

Styling Content for Readability Using Headings and Lists – Watch the Video

  • Markup for SEO

    • Use headings to provide logical outline
      • 1 h1 tag per page
      • h2 for main subject breakdown
      • h3 for sub headings
      • h4 for sub sub headings
    • Use bold, links or italics to emphasize key text
  • Markup for Readability

    • Use headings to break up and summarize content
    • Use lists instead of paragraph text to itemize important points
    • Use bold or italics to emphasize key text
  • Adding links to text

    • What is a link?
    • Selecting good link text
    • Insert link tool
      • URL
      • title
      • Open link in new tab
      • Link to existing content
      • Search
  • Rules

    • Never use headings for styling
    • Minimize inline styles
    • Don’t shout
    • Don’t have long blocks of uninterrupted text

Inserting Images into your Pages – Watch the Video

  • WordPress Media Settings

    • The Role of Image Sizes
    • Image Sizes
      • Thumbnail
      • Medium
      • Large
  • Inserting Images along side text

    • insert image from computer
    • P
  • Aligning images and text

  • Thesis post image

Developing your On-page SEO – Watch the Video

  • The Page Title

    • What it should contain
      • Descriptive
      • Keyword Rich
  • The 4 roles of the Page Title

    • Reader Friendly Title
    • Search Friendly Title
    • Search Friendly Slug
    • Navigation Title
  • The meta description

    • Descriptive, keyword rich
  • Headings
  • Links
  • Emphasized text
  • image alt text
  • link and image titles

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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