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Lesson 4 – Part 2 – Add a Physical Product to your Catalog

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

In the second part of this lesson we’re going to look at how to add a physical product to our WP eStore Catalog and add a number of its details.

The first thing we want to do is to log into our ecommerce website. This is the website that I created for the purpose of demonstrating and it’s Log in to our Dashboard and then scroll down here to the very bottom to WP eStore and select Add/Edit Products and this brings us to our Add/Edit Products screen.

As you recall we’ve already added our Product pages to WP eStore so we’re going to open those up as well and use that as the basis for adding this information. Let’s go over here to Posts and right click on that and Open Link in New Tab and then I am going to start at the very beginning and I’m going to use Banana Lust as my first one.

WP eStore Enter Product Details

I’m going to go ahead and hit Edit and so the name of my product is going to be the name of the post here. I’ll copy that post name, come back over here and put that Name in there. The Price we’ll make $24.95 and those are the basic details that we start off with.

Product Description

Then we will open up Additional Product Details and this is where we put our Description and all the rest of that in. If we come back over here to our product Post – scroll down here to our Excerpt that we added back when we created the page and just select all of that and copy it. Then we can come back over to our product and use that as our  Description.

Thumbnail Image URL and Link

Now we need the Thumbnail Image URL so come back over here to Media Library and select Open Link in New Tab because we’ve already uploaded these images in the previous lesson. Scroll down here. Okay there’s the thumbnail, hit Edit and then this is our address so we’ll just copy that, come back over to WP eStore and paste that image address into the Thumbnail Image URL.

Next we have the Thumbnail Image Link and this is where clicking on this image will take you and I think the only obvious answer is you want it to take you to the Product page. So if we come back over here to Edit Post and scroll back up to the top.  Hit View Post there is the Product page, so let’s copy that. Come back over here and paste that here. Now if you click on the link you will be taken to the Product post page.

Actually it’s going to be the same thing we do here. So under Product Page URL that’s exactly the same one so we will go ahead and place that there as well.

If you don’t put any value in the Thumbnail Image Link clicking on the thumbnail image will at best show you the Lightbox version of the image but it won’t take you any place. I prefer to be able to click on the picture and go right to the page.

WP eStore Product Category

Next we come up with Product Category and in that case this is a Book. These are the two categories that we created in our last lesson.

Button Image URL

We’re going to skip this Commission, and we come down to Button Image URL. In this case if instead of the default Add to Cart button that we have you want to use a different button (I can’t think of a reason for doing that here but there may be reasons why in some other context that you would want a different image button than the standard Add to Cart button that we’re using), you would enter the URL here, similar to what we did in our last lesson.  This Button Link you’re going to go ahead and ignore.

Collect Customer Input

If you want to Collect Customer Input you can. For example, if you want somebody to give you some kind of specific direction then you select that checkbox and you can give the field a label.  We’ll use Preferences for an example. This will bring up a text box for them to type some preference in.

That gives us all of our basic Product Details for WP eStore. We’ll come down here to the bottom and we’re going to go ahead and say Save Product and now this has been saved.

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