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Lesson 4 – Part 4 – Add a Digital Download Product to your Catalog

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

In the fourth part of this lesson we are going to add a digital product to WP eStore, look at the differences between adding physical and digital products and look at a way of streamlining adding products. We’re going to start off with streamlining this. Log in to your Dashboard then we’re going to scroll down here to the bottom and we’re going to look at Manage Products under WP eStore.

You can see that we have one product entered now and that it has an ID of 1. This ID is important because you’ll be using it later for a lot of different things, for ways of displaying Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons and everything else. So this WP eStore Product ID number is important and this is number 1.

WP eStore Add Digital Product

Come over here to say Add New Product and we’re going to insert a Product name. In this case we’re going to come back to Posts and we’re going to put in digital content. We did the Banana Lust last time, now let’s see if we can find an E-Book. We’ll add Orange Passion E-Book. Let’s say Edit, Orange Passion E-Book, we’re going to add that to it. Let’s add the price $24.95 and then we’re going to scroll down here and select Copy Product Details. If we enter ID number 1 what’s going to happen is all the product details that we added before that we put in Product number 1 are going to be added to this Product. So we don’t have to enter them again.

We’ll enter the correct Description from the Orange Passion E-Book, scroll down here to the Excerpt and copy it, come back over here, paste that description. We’re looking at the orange-passion-ebook-thumbnail. Go ahead and hit Edit and copy it. Come back over here, paste it and the Product page link needs to change. Come back over here to the Orange Passion E-Book and select View/Post so we can get the address. Copy that address, paste in the Thumbnail Image link, paste in Page URL, then select E Book as the category. We’ll leave our preferences set there.

WP eStore Digital Content

Now we are going to have Digital Content Details. Here is the place where you will put the link to your digital content. We’re going to insert this digital content to our Media Library. Come over here to our Media Library and we Add New. Then we’re going to select a file and we’ll come over here and we’ll grab this little ECommerce_Guide. Pretend that’s our payment book.

Now we come down and grab this URL, copy it, scroll down here to the Digital Product URL and paste it. This destination is never going to be revealed to anybody. What’s going to happen when they receive the email saying that they can download it they’re going to get an encrypted link for the product, not this link. So they won’t be able to find it this way.

We do want them to be offered as an anonymous download and so we’re going to have that Downloadable checked and that’s all we really have to do for this digital content.

Now we do need to change the Variations so we will cut those variations out and we’ll put them in the Digital Product Variations.  Of course there’s no such thing as a hard cover or soft cover there so we’re just going to take that out entirely. So there are the Variations made for this book.

We come down to Shipping and of course there is no shipping cost so we delete that flat rate.

Come down to Inventory Control and there are an infinite number of copies so we’re just going to go ahead and delete that as well. Then if we hit Save we will now have two Products in our store.

Let’s take a look at Manage Products, and there we go – we have our physical and our e-book product both of them set up in our store. In the next lesson we’ll take all of the Products that we have already added to our pages and we’ll populate the Catalog with all of that information. Once that is done we’ll move on to Lesson 5.

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