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Lesson 4 – Part 3 – Add Product Variations, Shipping and Inventory Control

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

In this part of the lesson we’re going to finish entering the Product Details for our physical product. Right now I’m logged into the Dashboard of my site so we’ll scroll down here to the bottom and select Add/Edit Products. When that product comes up we’ll come down here to the bottom and select Manage Products and we have one that we have inserted. Go ahead and hit Edit here so we can continue.

We’ve added our Additional Product Details. Because this is physical content there are no Digital Content Details so we’re going to come back to this in the next part of the lesson.

WP eStore Add Product Variations

But we are going to have variations. The variation we’re going to have in this case is language. The way that we tell WP eStore how to display these product variations is we first off give a variation name – we’ll call it Language. Then we give it a vertical bar and start adding our different language options. In this case we’ll say English, another vertical bar, French, another vertical bar, and Spanish. If one of these things costs more than the others, you would add a colon and then a dollar value. This works in both positive and negative numbers.

We could add another Variation, maybe a book style or cover and in that case maybe we’d have a hard cover and a soft cover. So Cover, and then we’d have Hard Cover and then a vertical bar and then Soft Cover with a colon and maybe it’s minus $5.00. Now we’ve specified two different kinds of variations.

The Product variation is going to show up like this. We come back over here and we go to our sample site and then we come down and we just look at Books here for a second. Here’s where that variation comes in. If we have two of them they’ll probably come in side-by-side and we’ll see what that looks like later. But in any case there is the label for it and then here is the select drop-down list for it. Come back over here, there’s our variations.

WP eStore Shipping

Next we’ll move on to Shipping. Open up this Shipping section. This brings us right back to the conversation we had in the last lesson about shipping. Remember that there are three different versions of shipping here in WP eStore and the first version is just a flat fee or a flat rate per item purchased. So if we added $5.00 here, what this will do is charge $5.00 for that item and if another one is ordered it will add the same fee for the other item to that order as well. That’s just through the flat rate per item system for calculating shipping.

Then there’s a second one where you have a flat fee for any purchase and then an incremental unit cost for each unit on top of that. If we’d had a $2.00 flat fee for the shipping cost originally and if we did $3.00 per item it would cost still $5.00 to ship as in the example above, but if you bought two of them it would only cost $8.00 to ship not $10.00.

The third method uses this PayPal profile based shipping. We’re going to go ahead and talk about that in a later episode but this is where you would tell PayPal how much the item weighs. Then PayPal will calculate based on the weight and the distance and the speed what the delivery price should be.

Anyway we’ll leave $5.00 here because we’re going to use the simple system at the moment.

WP eStore Inventory Control

Finally, we have Inventory Control. Open up Inventory Control, this of course doesn’t apply to digital download content, but it’s quite useful for physical content. If you know you have 500 copies of this book available, you could put that in and then when the sales count reaches 500 it will show that this is no longer available. There’s also a setting where it will alert you that your stock is low and we’ll look at that in another episode as well.

Anyway we’ve got Available Copies and we’ve got Sales Count in this case is 0. We’re not going to enter an Item Weight. We’ve got our Item Shipping Cost and we’ve got our Variations and now we can go ahead and save the Product again and we have now everything that we had entered originally all together.

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