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Lesson 4 – Part 1 – Review the Product Checklist

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

The goal of this tutorial series is to show you how to create a fully functional E-Commerce website using WordPress, Thesis and WP eStore.

In this lesson we’ll add products to our WP eStore catalog. In Part 1 we’re going to refresh our memory on the Product Configuration Checklist. In Part 2 we’ll add a physical product and add its details to WP eStore. In Part 3 of this lesson we’ll continue adding that physical product and we’ll add variations, shipping and inventory controls. Then in Part 4 we will streamline the system for adding new products and we’ll add digital downloadable content instead of physical content. Okay let’ go ahead and get started.

First, we’re going to go through that Product Checklist again. As you probably recall from our last conversation, the way the products work here is that first you’ve got the Catalog on your site and that Catalog is broken into different categories. We created those in the last lesson – and for us that was Books and E-Books. Then inside of those Product Categories there will be Products.

Now each of those Products has a couple of different sets of attributes. The first one is the WP eStore product information and in this case that’s the Name, the Price, the Short Description, the Thumbnail Image URL, the Page URL, Variations, Shipping Fee and Shipping Weight. Those are all the pieces of information that we are going to enter into our product details here when we enter our first product.

Then in addition to that you have these other Attributes that are not controlled by WP eStore that we will be entering later using WordPress and Thesis, and because we’re talking about books we’ll use Author, Publication Date, and Page Count. You would be adding whatever attributes you felt were appropriate for your product but we’re not going to be doing that in this lesson. In this lesson we’re going to be looking just at these elements and how to insert them.

That wraps up Part 1 of Lesson 4, Review the WP eStore Product Checklist, in the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website Tutorial Series.

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