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Lesson 15 – Configure Google Website Tools

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Please note that this course has been replaced with the new “Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore

In this video tutorial lesson we will learn how to integrate and configure various Google tools for our WordPress ecommerce website.

We will start off by signing up for a Google account where among many other things you can create a public profile that can be searched via Google. Next we will add Google XML Sitemaps to our site. In our Google account we will tour the functionality Google Analytics. This is a very powerful tool that lets you see how your site visits are growing, where your visitors are coming from, what useful keywords are and what pages visitors are really interested in. We’ll then configure Analytics to work with our website. Finally, we will tour and add Google Webmaster Tools to our site.  These tools allow you to check and maintain your website’s health.  It will help you identify and solve any Google search problem you have before they get to serious.

In this lesson you will:

Sign Up for a Google Account and Tour the Interface – Watch the Video

  • Create an account
  • Fill out the forms
  • Tour the Account Settings page

Install and Configure Google XML Sitemaps – Watch the Video

  • Download and install the plugin
  • Configure plugin settings

Take a Brief Tour of Google Analytics – Watch the Video

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Visits and visitors
  • Where they come from
  • What keywords got them there
  • What pages they visited

Add Google Analytics to our Website – Watch the Video

  • Add a new account
  • Add a new profile
  • Get a tracking code
  • Add tracking code to the site
  • Verify site ownership

Configure Google Webmaster Tools – Watch the Video

  • Add URL
  • Get ownership confirmation file
  • Upload ownership confirmation file
  • Verify site ownership
  • Submit site map

Tour Webmaster Tools – Watch the Video

  • What is Webmaster Tools?
  • Webmaster Tools Dashboard
  • Site Configuration
  • Your Site on the Web
  • Diagnostics

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