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Lesson 15 – Part 3 – Tour Google Analytics

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

Welcome back to Part 3 of Lesson 15 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. In this part of the lesson we are going to take a brief tour of Google Analytics to see the different kinds of things that you can do for your ecommerce website. This is actually a very superficial tour. Google Analytics can provide you with an incredible amount of information and I’m not even really scratching the surface, I’m just going to show you some of the simplest elements of Google XML Sitemaps.

We’ll look at my website. I’ll go to the Web and Settings and Google Account settings and then these are all the products that I use and so they’re all under My products.

Overview of the Account/Profiles in Google Analytics

I’ll select Analytics here from the list and this is my site, byobwebsite. You can see it gives an overview of this profile or of this account. In the last 30 days I’ve had 6,200 visits, average time on my site is five minutes, my average bounce rate is 5426 and I have goals that I’ve specified that I’ve reached 2,000 goals.

If we select that now these are all the individual profiles. So in my byobwebsite account I have profiles for byobwebsite, and tailoringtheweb which is my professional website, and, and then These are all the websites that are contained inside of that byobwebsite account which is the big one and I’ve 5,316 visits in the last thirty days with an average time on the site of five minutes, 21 seconds.

View Report – Visits and Visitors

If I select this View report now you see it in its big perspective. Today which is November 5, 2010, you can see that actually my very largest day was yesterday with 237 visits. This shows you the visits for each day in the last 30 months and it is 5,316 visits. Those visits generated 17,565 page views or 3.3 pages per visit. I have a bounce rate of 54% essentially with this average time, and 60% of the visitors to the site were new visitors. In addition, even though I had 5,316 visits those were made by 3,423 visitors.

What Countries Visitors Come From

You can see this little map here which kind of shows you geographically where most of my visits come from and that would be the United States, and then Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Then you see some overviews here of the different kinds of things that the site manages. One of those things is the Traffic Sources Overview. Over half of the traffic to my site comes from Google. Another 27% comes from referring sites and then 22% of you come to the site just by typing in BYOB website.

That’s the dashboard view; you can also look at a more detailed view. For example if you select Visitors here you can find a much more detailed view of those visitors. Not only the number of visits but you can test what languages they come from, you can test what countries they come from, you can check what browsers, what screen resolutions, what operating systems.

What Operating Systems Visits Use

You can see that almost 52% of the people that come to my site come there using Firefox. Another 20% or 19% use Chrome, and Internet Explorer is lower at 18.3% and so on and so forth. You can see that most of the people who visit my site have a good cable connection or DSL. Very few people have dial up.

There’s all kinds of different things you can look at here. If you select on one of these you can see of the 3,423 Absolutely Unique Visitors you can see how many of them visited on which individual days. If you want you can take a look at again which countries they come from and so this is a much more detailed view of where my visitors are coming from.

You can take a look at this New vs. Returning system where I have 60% of my visitors are new and 40% of them are returning visitors. Of those returning visitors they spend on average eight minutes on my site at a much lower bounce rate. Howeve, they don’t look at more pages.

Traffic Sources- More Details

Next you can take a look at the Traffic Sources. You can see that Google sends me 2,600 and 86% of all of my traffic and then 1,115 people of the visits came by just typing in byob website. You can see that diythemes accounts for 535 referrals, tipsandtricks-hq which is WP eStore represents 463, and then youtube represents 144. If you want to see that in more detail you can click the full report. Here are 10 of them but you can see that there are 68 records here. People came to my site from 68 different places so if I select 100, I can see all of those here and all of the different sites that people have come to my site from.

What Keywords Were Used to Get to the Site

We can also see what keywords people came to your ecommerce site from. You can see that 113 people got to my site by searching for byobwebsite – actually it’s more than that because this one’s separated. But the next highest number of visits is learning how to configure web pages and so on and so forth.

If you want to see what keywords represented the most page visits in Google Analytics you can sort it by page visit and now you can see that this one person came with a free video tutorial beginner web building – that was his search. He looked at 43 pages, he spent an hour and five minutes on the site and if we select that we can take a look at what country he was from. So if you go to Country or Territory, this person is from Australia. If we go down to City this person is from Sydney, Australia. He visited the site once, looked at 43 pages while he visited the site and so on.

You can see that there’s an awful lot of detailed information that you can find here and you can see what keywords work for you based on what keywords are generating traffic.

What Pages Were Visited

Here under Content you can see what your Top Content is. You can see that my home page has the majority of views but actually subscribe-to-our-site has 1,135 page views – that’s very close. Then we have 985 page views of that little video list and 941 page views of just going to your Dashboard and so on and so forth. So you can see what people like or what people have visited the most on my site.

You can also search for it by title. So if you know the title of the page you could sort it by page title and then come down here and take a look at these pages. For example, the page title An Introduction to custom_functions.php has had 86 views.

You can also take a look at your top landing pages – that is the first page people see when they come to your site. Well 950 people saw my home page the first. 505 people saw Subscribe to my site as first. 281 saw the forum as the first thing.

Next look at Content Drilldown. This allows you to say when they go to the forum where do they go after that page. Most of them go back to the home page but then some of them go to general-thesis-questions or customizing-thesis-like-a-pro. So you can see where people go back and forth once they get to your site.

What I’m trying to convey to you here is that Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that lets you see both how your site visits are growing, where your people are coming from, what your useful keywords are and what pages people are really interested in.

That wraps up Part 3 of this lesson. In Part 4 of this lesson we are going to configure Google Analytics to actually work with the site.

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