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Lesson 8 – Configuring Thesis Design Options

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Please note that this course has been replaced with the new “Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore

In this video tutorial we will look at how to configure the Thesis Design Options for your new WordPress ecommerce website. Thesis is a remarkably flexible WordPress theme and has lots of design configuration options. Most themes require extensive CSS modifications to customize the appearance of a site. Thesis can do lots of the heavy lifting in its Design Options settings.

In this eighth lesson we will focus on Design Options to add custom styling to our ecommerce website. In these tutorials we will be styling the site to match our demonstration site. If you want to take a look at what that looks like go to and this is the site that we are building. Obviously you are not going to be creating your store exactly like this but it is my hope that by going through the exercise you will learn how to style your site the way you want.

We’ll start off by editing the Site Layout and Display Options. Next we’ll configure fonts, colors and teaser display options. Next we’ll look at the other miscellaneous settings such as post images, the Multimedia Box, and the Feature Box with an emphasis on the Comment Options. Finally, we’ll use Manage Options to save our settings, restore them back to Thesis defaults and then restore them back to where they were at the beginning of the lesson.

In this lesson you will:

Configure Site Layout and Display Options – Watch the Video

  • Site Layout
  • Columns
  • HTML Framework
  • Display Options
  • Home Page Display Options

Configure Fonts and Colors – Watch the Video

  • Body and Content Area
  • Header
  • Headlines
  • Sidebars
  • Footer

Configure Comment Options and Others – Watch the Video

  • Post Images
  • Comments
  • Multi-media Box
  • Feature Box

Learn How to Use Thesis Manage Options – Watch the Video

  • Backup options
  • Restore default options
  • Restore site edits

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