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Lesson 8 – Part 3 – Configure Thesis Comment Options and Others

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Welcome back to Part 3 of Lesson 8 of the Build Your Own Ecommerce Website tutorial series. In the third part of this lesson we are going to take a look at the rest of the Thesis Design Options.

Thesis Design Options: Post Images and Thumbnails

Come back over here to our Dashboard and go to Thesis Design Options, we’ll look over here on the right-hand side and we’re going to start off with Post Images and Thumbnails. Now this section is the place where you set the default activity for post images and we’ve got a bunch of post images in there already and currently those images sit – well we’ve set them to be below the heading in each individual page. We could have made it a little easier on ourselves and done that here and rather than having the image above the headline we could have the image below the headline.

We also want to flush left but we want to flush left with text wrap and then we’re going to show images on these other pages as well. We can do the same thing with Default Thumbnail Settings – it’s going to be left with text wrap, we’re going to put it below the headline, we are not going to Add a frame to the thumbnail image and we’re going to leave the default thumbnail size at 66 by 66. In fact we have been entering our own in the thumbnail images so they will be overwritten by this.

Thesis Design Options: Comment Options

Now we get to a place of substantial change in this version of Thesis and that’s the Comment Options. The first thing we have is Display Settings. We’re not going to show trackbacks so we’ll turn that off and right now the comments sit above the comment form and what I want to do is to put that form above so we’re just going to drag that up there like that. Then we’ll expand it and look at Comment Meta. We will leave the edit comment link because that way somebody can select it and edit it. We will leave the comment date and author, we won’t have numbers but we will show the author’s avatar, and we like them in this order so we’re just going to go ahead and keep it that way. We are not however going to show the comment time.

Now let’s open up the Comment Body and in the Comment Body there will be a comment text and there will be a comment reply link and they can go ahead and stay that way.

Open up the Trackbacks; we are not going to show the date. So that’s quite a bit more flexibility in the display of comments than there was in Thesis 1.7. I think you’ll all probably appreciate that.

Thesis Design Options: Multimedia Box

Under the Multimedia Box there’s also been some new functionality and you’ll want to take a look at another video that I’m going to do talking about or expanding on all the possibilities. Currently we’re not going to show the multimedia box and that will be the choice that we have. The default choice is rotating Images but we’ll keep with do not show multimedia box.

Thesis Design Options: Feature Box

Now we are going to use that Feature Box. That’s how I’ve got this in place. This is inserted inside the Feature box so we may as well take this opportunity to say that we are going to use it and that we want it in our content column and then we’re going to say on our front page only. Of course you have these choices of on the blog page only or on the front and blog page or site wide. We can also display this above all of the posts if it was going to be on like a blog page. It could either be above all of the posts or it we could stick it in between posts if we chose. But at this point it’s going to be on the front page and above everything.

Finally in terms of site wide JavaScript libraries we are not going to use any of these and we’re not going to add any Embedded Scripts at the moment.

Come back up here to the top. Let’s go ahead and hit Save, refresh and see if anything has changed – not a lot. You don’t really see the difference here at the moment.

That wraps up Part 3 of Lesson 8 of the Build Your Own Ecommerce Website tutorial series, Configure Thesis Design Options: Comment Options and Others.

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