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Lesson 8 – Part 4 – Using Thesis Manage Options

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Welcome back to Part 4 of Lesson 8 of the Build Your Own Ecommerce Website tutorial series. In this fourth and final part of the lesson we’re going to take a look at how to use Thesis Manage Options.

Let’s go ahead and go back to our Dashboard and we’ve been looking at Design Options but if we come over here now what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at the Manage Options.

Manage Options: Download Options

Manage Options is divided up into three sections and each section has three sections. The first one is the Download Options. If you were to click this Download Site Options it would take everything that you have set under Thesis Site Options, save all of that and download it to your computer.

The same thing is true if you were to use the Download Design Options. It would take everything that we set in this Design Options section here in this lesson and will download it in a file to your computer. And if you select the Download All Options it will of course do both of those things together. So that’s what we’re going to do. We are going to download all of these options. You can see it’s downloading to my site right now. We have downloaded the thesis-all-options file and if we want to look at it in our folder you can see that it shows up in the folder right here; thesis-all-options with this identifying information.

Manage Options: Restore Default Options

The second part, Restore Default Options, is very much the same. If you click Restore Default Site Options it will take the Site Options all the way back to the way it was when you installed Thesis. The same thing is true with Design Options. If we select this right now it will eliminate all of those design options that we have made in this lesson and restore it back to the default.

Then finally All Options will do the same thing. If you can remember what we’ve got going on here we have these changes made to the site but if we come back over here and we say Restore All Default Options and then – Whoa there!  Are you sure you want to restore All Options? We’re going to go ahead and say yes, OK. If we come back over to this and refresh it lo and behold this looks just like a standard default installation of Thesis now. We don’t even have any of our navigation up here anymore. These pages also exist so none of the pages were eliminated and none of the text or anything like that, none of the posts are gone, the shopping cart is still here, the stuff that we have done already is all here but it’s all back to the installation default.

Manage Options: Upload Options

That brings us to this third section which is Upload Options. If we had just a Site Options file we could choose that file to upload. If we had just a Design Options file we could chose that file to upload. As luck would have it we have an All Options file so if we select Choose File and then I’m going to go to Downloads and then we look for that file – here we go thesis-all-options and it was this 2010 August 18 which is the day this thing is being filmed. If we go ahead and select that and say Upload we are going to be overriding all of those options. Say OK to that.

If we come back over here and take a look at this – there we go – it’s restored back to our original settings. So we have all of our tabs up here now, we have our colors, we have the two sidebars.

So that wraps up the fourth and final part of Lesson 8 of the Build Your Own Ecommerce Website tutorial series, Using Thesis Manage Options.

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