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Lesson 13 – Control which Widgets Display on which Pages

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Please note that this course has been replaced with the new “Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore

In this video tutorial lesson we will learn how to control which widgets display on which pages.  We will also use the Advanced Recent Posts widget to create a complete product listing and a “related products” listing.

We will begin by adding three widgets to our pages. First we will embed a YouTube video. Next we will use the Advanced Recent Posts widget to create a product listing and a related products listing.  Next we will download, install and learn how to use the Display Widget Plugin.  Then we will look at the various options for our shopping cart widget.  Finally, we will clean up the appearance of our shopping cart widget using CSS.

In this lesson you will:

Add an Embeded YouTube Video with a Text Widget – Watch the Video

  • Get the embed code from YouTube
  • YouTube embed settings
  • Add the embed code to text widget
  • Test the result

Create a Product Listing Using the Advanced Recent Posts Widget – Watch the Video

  • Add the Advanced Most Recent Posts Widget
  • Specify categories
  • Specify thumbnail
  • Specify excerpt length
  • Edit the CSS

Create a Related Products List Using the Advanced Most Recent Posts widget – Watch the Video

  • Add the widget
  • Specify thumbnail & excerpt
  • Specify current category
  • Edit the CSS

Control Widget Display Using the Widgets Display Plugin – Watch the Video

  • Download and Install
  • Show vs Hide
  • Range of Settings
  • What if this isn’t enough control?

Modify the Shopping Cart to Play Well with Widgets Display – Watch the Video

  • WP eStore shortcodes
  • 4 Shopping cart styles
  • Add shopping cart to text widget
  • Set the pages to show the shopping cart

Edit the Appearance of the Shopping Cart Using CSS – Watch the Video

  • Identify the elements in Firebug
  • Modify input type image
  • Modify heading
  • Test in all browsers

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