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Lesson 5 – Part 6 – Add the Shopping Cart

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

In this part of the lesson we’re going to add the Shopping Cart to a sidebar. Actually that’s very simple in this software. But before we do that I want to get rid of this column situation. It’s kind of cramping our style and this double column layout is not good for a Shopping Cart.

Change Column Layout

We’re going to go to Thesis, Design Options and we’re going to change those columns. Go to the Columns section and select 2 columns and the big column is going to be 600 pixels and the small column is going to be 320 pixels. Our Column Order is going to have the Content on the left and the sidebar on the right. Now we’ll save that.

Come back over here and take a look at what it looks like. Now it looks a little bit more normal. Let’s go back over to our Dashboard and now we can scroll down to Appearance and Widgets and select Widgets and in our sidebar we’re going to add a widget.

Add a Shopping Cart Widget for WP eStore

It turns out that we have a Shopping Cart as a widget already so we can just scroll up here and place it in the sidebar and then the various settings for this are set in the Settings menu. Hit Save and then come down here to our WP eStore Settings and take a look at our Shopping Cart you can see we chose not to give the widget a title. Here’s its heading, this is what it’s going to show when the Shopping Cart is empty, here’s the denomination, the currency symbol, that sort of thing. We’re not using any of these elements like Show Compact Cart or anything like that.

Review Shopping Cart Functionality

Let’s go ahead and take a look at it now that we’ve got that widget installed. This says Your cart is empty and Visit The Shop. Visiting the shop remember, takes us to our Product page. This is something I explained once upon a time. The Products page is the place where when you hit that Go to our Shop it takes you and by default the Shopping Cart shows up here but nothing else does.

If we then go to Books though and we add a book to our cart all of a sudden the Shopping Cart shows up here. Then if you want to add another book to the cart you can see that it’s added two products here and if you want to change the number of products, say let’s buy three copies of that book, now we put three copies of that book in and the price is updated. Then it’s followed our shipping system for how to ship and so it’s given us a total. Now you know we could choose to pay and it would take us off to PayPal – which we won’t. We could eliminate those products and it automatically changes everything. So that’s really the nice thing about this.

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