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Lesson 11 – Part 8 – Configure Bookmarks Widget

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Welcome back to the eighth part of Lesson 11 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. In this part of the lesson we will configure the Widgets Reloaded version of the Bookmarks widget.

Understanding Bookmarks as Links

Go over to our Dashboard. Now when we say bookmarks what we mean is links and while I haven’t really discussed links very much, the links portion of WordPress is actually very powerful. Select Links here and you can see what ones are automatically created when you install WordPress. All these different WordPress related links show up in this group that are categorized under Blogroll. You can see the category, the name of the blog, and its URL. We’re going to create a different category.

Bookmarks Widget – Create a New Link Category

Come over to Link Categories. You can see right now there’s only one and it’s called Blogroll but what we’re going to do is to create category here called Thesis Resources. We don’t need to worry about any of this other stuff. We could put a description in and that kind of thing but we aren’t going to use it. So just add the category then come back over here to Links and add a new link. We’ll add links.

Bookmarks Widget – Place New Links

The first and foremost useful Thesis resource is the DIY Themes Forums so let’s call it that. DIY Themes Forums and the web address is this. We can put a little description down here, may as well, and then select Thesis Resources as the category that it’s in.

Review and Configure the Options – Bookmark Widget

We want to set the Target. Set it as _blank so that when you select it, it takes you directly to that page but on another page. Then we’re just going to ignore the rest of this at the moment. There are some other things that you can do with this. I don’t ever use this Link Relationship. However, in Advanced you could add an image for this link or add an RSS and you could have a rating system for the links whereby you rate them and that can show up as well.

Say add the link and then we’ll do the same thing for the Thesis User Guide – so DIY Themes Thesis User Guide and that address is this. We’ll call it Thesis User Guide under Description, give it to Resources and add the link. Then we’re going to add, of course, a couple of my sites. So BYOBwebsite, Excellent Video Tutorials as our description, select the Resources, add the link. Then let’s see, we’re going to add the Thesis CSS site and that is, A visual guide to Thesis CSS – add that to the Resources and then one last one we’re going to use Kristarella’s site, she has some excellent tutorials on her site. This is her web address,, we’re going to select and then add the link.

Then let’s view them just to make sure they are all right. If we view just the Thesis Resources filter we’ve got BYOBwebsite, DIY Themes, Thesis User Guide and Kristarella and Thesis CSS – these are being displayed currently by name. If we displayed them by Link ID they would be displayed in the order that I entered them.

Now that we’ve got some bookmarks or some links that we want to use, we’ll go back to Appearance and Widgets. Open up Footer Sidebar 3 and grab the Bookmarks widget. We’re going to call this one Great Thesis Resources, do it by Ascending, by ID, and pick Resources. That’s something I wanted to point out. This information has to do with the category order and this information has to do with the link order. Since we’re only showing one category it doesn’t really matter what the order is over here. We are showing a bunch of links so here’s where we would do it by Ascending and by ID so that they were displayed in the same order as I entered them.

Then we aren’t going to use link_before or link_after, we are going to show the description and I think that’s it. Go ahead and hit Save and then let’s see what it looks like. There we go. We’re going to be styling all this here pretty soon so we don’t need to worry about that.

Other Uses for Links

This links thing can be used for anything. It doesn’t have to be used only for external links. You could just as easily use this as a menu for internal links so it could include internal pages or particular points of interest inside your site, or it can be some kind of a combination of those things. In the same way that this is sort of a menu for specific pages you could do the same thing with this. Instead of saying Thesis Resources it could say Site Administrative Links and then you could have all your policies or whatever. It can be just about anything you want – as long as it’s an HTML page you can create a link to it and then you can insert that inside your Bookmarks widget. So this is a very versatile tool for organizing access to your site.

That wraps up Part 8 of Lesson 11 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series, Configure the Bookmarks Widget.

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