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Lesson 11 – Part 6 – Install and Configure the “Widgets Reloaded” Plugin

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Welcome back to the sixth part of Lesson 11 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. In this part of the lesson we are going to install and configure the Widgets Reloaded plugin.

This plugin adds a lot of flexibility to the default ones. Essentially it replaces the majority of your default plugins with ones that have the full range of options that WordPress affords for those specific types of function calls.

Install the Plugin

Come back over to the Dashboard of your site. Go back over here to Plugins and Add New and search for Widgets Reloaded. Go ahead and say Install Now for Widgets Reloaded, Activate the plugin and then we will come on over here to our Appearance and Widgets section and take a look at these new widgets.

Introduction to the Plugin

Now our Authors, Archives, Bookmarks, Categories, Calendar, Pages and Tags menus have all been replaced with the advanced widget. Let’s look at advanced Categories. Open up Sidebar 3, advanced Categories – you can see that you can give it a Title, a taxonomy if you have a custom taxonomy, then you can choose a style, set the order, tell it how it should be ordered by, give the depth of the parenting lineage or the number of categories to display. You can include any of these categories or exclude any of these categories. You can exclude a tree of categories. That is you can say everything that is a subcategory of category X or you could show everything that is a subcategory of category X or you can say yes to the current category. You can see there are tons of options from this widget.

Compare to WordPress Pages Widget

Now go back over and deactivate this for a moment and look at the standard category widget. Expand that and look at our Categories over here. You can see now that what you have a choice of is Title and it can be shown as a drop down, you can add some post counts or you can show some hierarchy. You can see that really there’s a huge amount of information that can be assigned to these Categories that isn’t assigned here and this is why we are going to switch to the Widgets Reloaded plugin.

Review the Widgets Reloaded Plugin Guide

Go back to Plugins, reactivate the widget plugin. In case you’re worried that there’s so much information you won’t know how to fill it out, check out the Widgets Reloaded Plugin Guide at the bottom of the Lesson Resources. If you select that up pops this PHP file that has Justin Tadlock’s read me that goes through the different widgets he has here. In particular he gives you a link to the particular elements that are available in each one of those.

Look at the Categories. So we’ll just copy wp_list_categories for a moment and we will open up a new browser window and let’s search for it. We want to go to the Codex so let’s go there first real quick. If we look at what this categories widget can do it can essentially set all of these particular options in the categories argument. So there’s your orderby, order ascending or descending, there’s your choice of style, there’s your choice of count. You could use the description for a title, show only the children categories of a certain category, exclude some categories or exclude a tree.

If you want to understand what those things do you can scroll down here further into the Codex and see what each of these parameters means and what their potential choices are. So orderby, ID, name, slug, count and term_group; order ascending and descending, style it’s either a list style or it’s no style. Here’s the child_of, it only displays categories that are children of the category identified by this parameter and so on and so forth. Pretty much anything you want to know about the functions can be found here on this Codex page for that function.

That wraps up Part 6 of Lesson 11 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series, Install and Configure the Widgets Reloaded Plugin.

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