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Lesson 2 – Creating the Pages and Posts for Our E-Commerce Website

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Please note that this course has been replaced with the new “Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore

In this video tutorial we will create all of the pages and posts in WordPress and Thesis to create an e-commerce website.  We will be using pages for catalogs and product types as well as for our information pages.  We will use posts for our individual products.

In this second lesson we will learn how to use posts and pages together.   First, we’ll discuss how to make effective use of Thesis Page Titles for good SEO and the customer’s ability to easily see what the content of the pages are and the structure of the site. Then we’ll cover how to use Page Order to organize your pages into Top Level, Child and other types.  Next, we’ll create some of the pages we will be using to create our e-commerce website.  We will use permalinks and categories to provide the organizational structure for our e-commerce website.  We will also perform the initial configuration of our main drop down menu structure.  Finally, we’ll cover the creation of product detail posts and teasers for our Thesis e-commerce website.

In this lesson you will:

Making Effective Use of Thesis Page Titles – Watch the Video

  • Understanding Titles
  • Meta Titles
  • Page Titles
  • URLs
  • Menu Display

Using WordPress Page Order to Organize your Pages – Watch the Video

  • Top level
  • Child
  • 301 Redirect Option in Thesis

Creating our Main Pages – Watch the Video

  • Home and others
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Product Type
  • About
  • Configure Static Front and Blog

Setup Semantic URL Structure – Watch the Video

  • Configure Permalinks
  • Date Numeric Element of Permalinks
  • Develop Categories

Setup Thesis Navigation Menu – Watch the Video

  • Select Pages
  • Customize Menu Titles

Create Product Detail Posts – Watch the Video

  • Upload post images
  • Create the post
  • Add Excerpt for Teasers
  • View the Results

At the end of this lesson we will have created the skeleton of an E-Commerce Website based on Thesis, WordPress and WP eStore.  In the third lesson of this video tutorial series we will install and configure WP eStore.

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