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Lesson 12 – Part 2 – Configure the Thesis Feature Box

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Welcome back to Part 2 of Lesson 12 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. In this part of the lesson we are going to take a look at the Thesis Feature Box.

Go to the Dashboard of your site and scroll down to Thesis, and Design Options. Down near the bottom you can see this Thesis Feature Box dialogue. We’ll go ahead and open up both parts to it, both Placement and Display Options. The Thesis Feature Box is essentially a hook and a container and the location of this hook and container can be set in these options.

If we come over and take a look at our site in Firefox, here is the site we were just looking at in Firefox, and if we were to inspect the element in Firebug you would see that we have something that we haven’t seen before inside of div id=’content’, and that is div id=’feature box’. Because I have selected the Feature Box in Design Settings, Thesis adds this div wrapper and adds a hook inside that wrapper for us to attach the gallery to. Because of where I told it I wanted it installed it placed it inside of the content_box.

Where to Locate the Feature Box on your Page

So if we come back over here and take a look at the options that we have here’s our Feature Box and we have three kinds of settings. The first is the location on the page you want it placed. Your first choice is don’t use the Feature Box which is probably what you already have. The second one is the one I’m using right now which is in your content column. The third is full-width above the content and above the sidebars. The fourth is full-width above the header area.

If we go back over to our site for a second, you see I’m in the content box directly above the content but it could be full-width above content and sidebars like right through here. It could also be full-width above the header up in this area. Anyway what we have chosen here is In your Content Column.

Which Pages Will have the Feature Box

The next section of settings is on which pages will the Feature Box show. You have the choices of on your front page only, on your blog page only, on your front page and your blog page and then on every page on the site. Remember that your front page refers to a static front page which most of you probably have and then your blog page refers to that page that has your blog posts on it. You have the choice of these four locations and I’ve selected on the front page only.

Where the Feature Box Appears Inside the Content

Then you have the third class of settings which is where inside the content is this feature box going to show. Now if you had picked full-width above content and sidebars, you’d see that this third option goes away. You don’t have to worry about where it is in the content if it’s not in the content. But if we go back to in the content column you have these choices: you have either Above all Posts which is where we are right now, or Below post 1 or Below post 2.

For what we’re doing it doesn’t make any sense to be below any of the posts so we’re going to keep it Above all Posts (it works the same way on pages) and it puts it at the top of the content of the page. So our settings are In your Content Column, on the Front Page Only and Above all Posts.

This section here is really just a little bit of a description. It does tell you what the hook is, thesis_hook_feature_box, which is what we’re going to be using in the next part of our lesson.

That wraps up Part 2 of Lesson 12 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series.

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