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Lesson 12 – Part 1 – An Introduction to the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin

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Welcome to Lesson 12 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. The goal of this tutorial series is to show you how to create a fully functional ecommerce website using WordPress, Thesis and WP eStore.

In this lesson we are going to install the Dynamic Content Gallery and review its functionality. So what I’d like to do is go over to our demonstration site which is This is the Dynamic Content Gallery. It is a rotating image carousel that can either link to pages, to posts, to posts by category or link to outside sites.

Principal Areas of Display

The Dynamic Content Gallery has three principal areas that it displays. The first one is Featured Products which has its own little carousel of thumbnail images. The second is the image area itself or the image that’s being displayed and the third is this description area right here.

Only One Gallery of Images Can Be Shown

Now the Dynamic Content Gallery, unlike some other kinds of widgets or plugins you might install, can only be used in one instance. It can be displayed on any number of pages; it can in fact be installed or displayed on all of your pages but there is only one installation of it so there’s only one gallery that it rotates through. You can’t have a different gallery for one page and another gallery for another page. It’s going to be one gallery that you set up and then it can be placed in such a way as to display on whatever pages you wish.

The two main ways of displaying or adding the content gallery to a page is either through its widget or through what we’re going to do which is adding a template tag to our page.

Install the Dynamic Content Gallery

Let’s go ahead and install the Dynamic Content Gallery. We’re going to come over to our demonstration site that we built for this lesson which is This is the website as it was completed at the end of Lesson 11. Go ahead and log in and we’ll come down here to Plugins and Add New and then we’re going to search for Dynamic Content Gallery.

Go ahead and say Install Now. This is a version number here of 3.3.2. This version just recently came out and does have a lot of differences from the earlier version. So if you have an older version of DCG installed, go ahead and install this one. Say OK. We’ll Activate the plugin and you’ll notice this little bright red warning thing here. It is telling you that it requires WP Post Thumbnails support.

Ignore WP Post Thumbnails Warning

Thesis has its own thumbnail system, in fact it had a thumbnail system well before WordPress did and as such it does not use the WordPress Post Thumbnails. So what we’re going to do here for the time being is we’re just going to ignore this warning message. We also aren’t going to be relying on the post thumbnails and there is a method of dealing with this problem without making Thesis support it. The worst part about this is that you’re going to experience this little warning message when you look at the plugin. But it’s not a warning message you need to really worry about.

That wraps up Part 1 of Lesson 12 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce tutorial series.

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