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Lesson 14 – Part 7 – Create a Follow Up Message

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

Welcome back to the seventh and final part of Lesson 14 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series.

In this final part of the lesson we are going to create an automatic email follow up message (auto responder) that is emailed out once a person signs up to our WordPress business website. In that auto responder message there’ll be a little bit of welcome and there will be the download link just in case they didn’t understand that they were supposed to download once they were forwarded on to that web page in our WordPress business website.

Let’s go to our AWeber account, click there, and here we are at our user control panel. Now we’ll create a Follow Up message for our prospects list, not our customer list. Before we do that I would like to open up our AWeber Broadcast message because I’m going to copy the stuff that we did before so I don’t have to create it again. Scroll down here and go to change to classic HTML editor and we just copy it all.

Use the Newsletter as the Template

Then we switch to the prospects list, go to Follow Up and we’re going to add a new Follow Up Message. Switch back to the classic HTML for a moment and paste that. Let’s go back to our graphic editor. We have the newsletter that we created earlier to use as a basis for creating our new auto responder or follow up message.

Create the Follow Up Message

Let’s start off by personalizing it. Again put first name and fix and I think what that does is make sure that it’s upper case on the first letter. Then at the beginning say “Welcome” space, hyphen, space, “Here’s your download link”. We’ll change this up a bit and say “Welcome to the club”. Obviously you’ll change this text but the one thing I want to do here is say, “Here is your download link”. I’m going to put that right in the middle of this. Actually what we’re going to say is “Download Our Free Ebook Here”, and we’re going to make that into a heading. So let’s call that a Heading 2 for a moment.

Add a Download Link

Then we’re going to make it into a link. We’ll go back over to our WordPress business website that we’re creating here and log in and go to Pages. I think this is it right here, “Free Ebook Download”. Let’s view that and that’s the one with the funny address so click this. We’ve copied our address, let’s go back over to our enter email and select that, add the link, the URL is that, we want to open up in a new window and we’ll say insert.

For the purpose of this lesson we’re going to dispense with the Plain Text Message because you know what you need to do on that. Say Save it and let’s hit Test. I’ll send it to byobwebsite@gmail. Okay, send the test. We’ll just open up our email and see. You can see that when I tested it put the lower case r in but it put the uppercase R in here. Then if we select “Download Our Free Ebook” it takes us off to the page. If we display the images you can see what it looks like.

The way this works is that this email message is going to be sent out immediately after somebody confirms their email address. So it’s going to be 0 days, it’s the first message and it’s 0 days after they sign up. You could actually have several messages lined up here if you wanted them to get them at various intervals. This would be good especially if you want to continue to offer them products or send them reminders. If you signed up for this AWeber account you will have seen examples of that where AWeber sends you these same kinds of messages about learning and so forth. So it’s quite a powerful feature.

That wraps up Part 7 of Lesson 14 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series.

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