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Lesson 14 – Part 3 – Integrate WP eStore with our AWeber List

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This video is part of our old WP eStore Course Go to our Updated WP eStore Course for current videos.

Welcome back to Part 3 of Lesson 14 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series. In the third part of this lesson we are going to integrate WP eStore with our AWeber email list so that when somebody makes a purchase they are automatically added to our customer email list.

WP eStore Autoresponder Settings

We’ll begin at our demonstration site and in my case that is the site I created for this lesson. Open that up and then open up the Dashboard. Scroll down to the bottom down here to WP eStore. Go to Settings. Under Settings you can see this thing here called Autoresponder Settings. Let’s go ahead and click on Autoresponder Settings. At the top there is AWeber Settings and we are going to create a Global AWeber Signup, so we check that. A Global AWeber Signup means that anytime a purchase is made the customer is added to this global list.

WP eStore Product Specific Settings

There’s also the ability to have separate lists for different products. So if somebody buys the Apple e-book they go on one list but if they buy the Apple book they go on another list and I’ll show you how to do that in a moment. But right now we’re just going to capture all of our customers with a global signup.

WP eStore AWeber Integration

Now what we need is the AWeber List Name. Remember that list name is over here, click on Create and Manage Lists and you can see that this our list name. Add out password for Okay so that is the first part of integrating AWeber and WP eStore. Scroll down here and hit Update.

AWeber Email Parser Settings

To open up the directions we’re going to open the link in a new tab and that takes us to the tipsandtricks-hq support site where you go through the next step of this process. We’re going to have this page open and we’re going to click on this image because this is a critical part of this. We are going to be changing this line and this line in our Email Parser in AWeber.

Now we have the WP eStore bit set up. Go back to our list settings on AWeber and under My Lists go down to Email Parser. Select Email Parser and you can see that there are a lot of things that are already full integrated into AWeber. Now come down here to Custom Parsers and we’re going to add new. So now we have this page Custom Parser which looks exactly like this image for Custom Parser.

We are going to give our Custom Parser a name, put the correct address information here and then we’ll be done. Under Custom Parser instead of Custom Parser we’re going to call this WP eStore – that will be the name of our parser. Then here in the place of user, at, domain, dot com, put the email information that we entered into the WP eStore site. Go back to WP eStore, general settings and scroll down to the place where we entered our email address.  Mine is currently set at sales, at, your-domain, dot, com, and what it really needs to be is rick, at, byobwebsite, dot, com. So change that and hit Update Options. Now that I have I’ll go over to the parser and in the place of user I’m going to type rick. Leave that slash and the at but instead of domain say byobwebsite and leave the dot, com like it is. Now hit Save and your new email parser has been saved.

The Final Step

Scroll down and you can see that we have the WP eStore parser but it has not yet been added to our list. The current list that we’re in is byobtut-cstomer, and the Custom Parser in order for it to be added actually needs to be selected like that. When you select it like that this thing comes up, the Final Step: Configure WP eStore: to work with AWeber. What’s important for you to understand is there is no final step; we’ve already done the final step of configuring WP eStore to work with AWeber when we set up the Autoresponder Settings. There isn’t anything else for you to do. It’s going to work just fine like this.

We are going to do one more thing. Come over here to Edit Parser, right down here enable the parser for all lists in this account and if you do that when you create a new list you aren’t going to have to go back and make sure you check that box. But we aren’t going to do that, we’re going to leave that turned off. Hit Save one more time. We’ll make sure that, that’s set and we have completed the integration.

Go back to WP eStore Settings and I’m going to show you how to set this up, not on a global basis as we’ve done here, but on a product by product basis. Scroll down to Manage Products, pick one of our products, hit Edit, and then scroll down to Autoresponder Settings. If we had a list of products to use instead of our general list we would put that name right here.

For example, if we had created a list,, then we would put that list name here. Now as well as going to the global list it would also go to this product list. That’s how I do it on my site; depending on the type of subscription subscribers go on different AWeber lists so that I can customize email messages.

That wraps up Part 3 of Lesson 14 of the Build Your Own E-Commerce Website tutorial series.

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