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Lesson 6 – Organizing and Configuring a Large Product Catalog

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Please note that this course has been replaced with the new “Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore

In this video tutorial we will look at how to configure and organize a large product catalog in your e-commerce website.  The previous lessons have focused on creating an E-Commerce website with simple categories and only a few products.  However, what do you do if you want to have categories and subcategories of products?  WP eStore doesn’t currently support product subcategories so we need to use other tools to accomplish this.

In this sixth lesson we will focus on using the WordPress page structure to organize product categories and subcategories. We’ll start by looking conceptually how to organize products in to subcategories, then we’ll look at the specifics of doing so on our site using WordPress to organize the pages and Shortcodes to change the display.

The way WP eStore ordinarily works is you would have all of the different categories in a list. It shows all the of the different product groups and that’s the default behavior of the specific shortcode that we used in the past lesson. It lists all of your groups and you have all of the groups all on the same level. What we’re going to do is to create super categories for these categories to go in.  Those super categories will be our parent pages.  This way we will create a hierarchy within the categories.  Then in the next lesson we will look at how to customize the appearance of the individual catalog entries using CSS.

In this lesson you will:

Organize a Large Number of Products in to Categories and Subcategories – Watch the Video

  • Clarify the terminology
  • Organizing into Super categories
  • Categories of Super categories
  • Products of categories

Displaying Super Categories, Categories and Products Using Shortcodes – Watch the Video

  • Create Top Level pages
  • Shortcodes to use for display
  • Add Category pages
  • Various Shortcodes to change the display

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