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Sell Your Digital Products With WP eStore

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This is a new 5 lesson series that teaches anyone how to sell their digital products online using WordPress, WP eStore and either Thesis 2 or Genesis 2. In it you’ll learn how to set up your store, how to collect payments and how to securely deliver your digital products (music, video, ebooks, courses, etc).

This course is designed for a beginning/intermediate WordPress user. This means that you are comfortable with the workings of WordPress and you have at least an introductory knowledge of either Thesis 2 or Genesis 2. This class will be primarily focused on setting up the site to sell digital products and configuring the WP eStore shopping cart. The class is intended for someone who is comfortable installing and configuring plugins. We will also discuss some intermediate subjects when we discuss customizing the appearance of the store.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Setup a Simple Store that Sells Digital Products

  1. Choosing the Right Shopping Cart
  2. Install WP eStore
  3. Create the Transaction Results Page
  4. Configure WP eStore General Settings
  5. Configure WP eStore Payment Gateway Settings
  6. Configure WP eStore Other Settings
  7. Create a Digital Downloadable Product
  8. Add the Product to a Page
  9. Use the Amazon S3 to Store and Deliver Digital Products

Lesson 2 – Create a Large Store with Many Products

  1. Choosing the Right Shopping Cart Plugin – Start With a Plan
  2. Choosing the Right Shopping Cart Plugin – Compare Plugins
  3. Using WordPress to Organize Product Display
  4. WP eStore Catalog Display
  5. Setup WP eStore Product Catalog in Genesis
  6. Create Categorized Product in Genesis
  7. Understanding Images in WP eStore
  8. Add Products to the Product Category Catalog Pages
  9. Setup the Product Catalog in Thesis 2
  10. Create a Product in Thesis 2
  11. Setup Product Category Catalog (Archive) Pages
  12. Customize Product Template

Lesson 3 – Testing the function of an eCommerce site using PayPal Sandbox

  1. Introduction – Prepare WP eStore to Use the PayPal Sandbox
  2. Configure the WP eStore Shopping Cart
  3. Place the Shopping Cart on the Store Pages
  4. Test a transaction
  5. Troubleshooting Failures in Digital Delivery
  6. Add Product Specific Information to notification Emails
  7. Once Testing is Completed

Lesson 4 – Email Marketing – Build your email list with free products

  1. Integrating Email Marketing with your Store
  2. Create your first list with AWeber
  3. Create your first Autoresponder Email
  4. Understanding WP eStore’s Download Options
  5. Configure a Free Product within the Product Catalog
  6. Add a Free Download in a Call to Action
  7. Integrate WP eStore with AWeber
  8. Test Customer Autoresponder Settings

Lesson 5 – Customize the appearance of WP eStore

  1. Using Custom Buy Now and Add to Cart Buttons
  2. Add Product Search to the Sidebar
  3. Add Related Products to the product page in Genesis
  4. Adjust the Shopping Cart With CSS in Genesis
  5. Customize the Products Archive Template in Thesis 2
  6. Customize the Add to Cart Button in Thesis 2
  7. Customize the Price in Thesis 2
  8. Add Related Products to the Product Template in Thesis 2
  9. Style the Related Products in Thesis 2
  10. Add Featured Products to any Template in Thesis 2

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