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Lesson 1 – Setup a Simple Store that Sells Digital Products

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In this first lesson of our How to Sell Digital Products Online with WP eStore course we describe the store and discuss why we’ve chosen WP eStore as our shopping cart. Next we install and configure the plugin with a special emphasis on automatically delivering secure digital downloads.  Finally, we create products and insert those products in pages.

Choosing the Right Shopping Cart

  • Store description
    • What we are creating
    • Digital download criteria
  • Review the store plan
  • Fill out checklist
  • Look at plugin comparison

Install WP eStore

  • The plugin
  • The extra shortcodes plugin

Create the Transaction Results Page

  • Why WP eStore needs this
  • Why PayPal needs this
  • Create the page
  • WP eStore shortcodes

Configure WP eStore General Settings

  • Lots of settings
  • Looking at 2 types of settings

Configure WP eStore Payment Gateway Settings

  • PayPal email
  • PayPal Profile page
  • Instant Payment Notification – Selling Preferences
  • Website Payment Preferences – Hosted Payment Preferences
    • Add text to Transaction Results Page
    • Copy PDT Identity Token

Configure WP eStore Other Settings

Create a Digital Downloadable Product

  • Minimum necessary info
  • Setup download location
    • Using upload
    • Using media library
    • Using ftp
    • Using AmazonS3 (or other CDN)

Add the Product to a Page

  • Create the page
    • Add content
    • Add featured image
  • Add the shortcode to the page

Use the Amazon S3 to Store and Deliver Digital Products

  • as3tp://
  • Get amazon credentials
  • Create bucket
    • Naming rules
    • Security
  • Add file to bucket
    • Naming rules
    • Meta value to force download
    • Get the url
  • Add modified url to file location

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