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Lesson 1 – Part 6 – Configure WP eStore Other Settings

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We’ve now completed both the General Settings and Payment Gateways settings for WP eStore. So now we’ll go through all the other settings.

Autoresponder Settings

We’re starting off with Autoresponder Settings. Today, we are not doing anything with autoresponders but we’ll be doing that when we start doing the free product. All of this stuff is optional, we’re not going to do anything with it today but this is where you would set up either your AWeber or MailChimp or Get Response or some other generic autoresponder integration. This is where you would set those settings.

Addon Settings

Addon Settings are much the same thing that is, there’s really nothing in here that we are going to be setting except for when we go to setup Amazon S3 for storing products. We’re going to come back to that here in a little while. The reCAPTCHA is for selling free products and we’ll come back to this in a couple of weeks when we start talking about using free product so right now, there’s no setting for us to do on this Addon Settings.

3rd Party Integration Settings

In terms of 3rd Party Integration, you’ve got integration with the Wishlist Membership Plugin, If you’re going to use NextGen as a gallery system to display images that you’re selling as products then you would enter the product ID here. We’re not really going to talk about that but that’s where you would do it.

Google Analytics Tracking can be enabled here, Memberwing and other generic systems that may use PayPal’s IPN system for communicating whether or not a membership has been made and that kind of thing and your API Access Key, we’re not doing anything with any of these settings. So essentially, for what we are doing, there is no need to set Autoresponder, Addons or 3rd Party Integration which means that the plugin is fully set up now.

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