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Lesson 1 – Part 5 – Configure WP eStore Payment Gateway Settings

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Now that we’ve got WP eStore’s general settings configured for our digital online store, the next thing we’re going to do is set up our Payment Gateway Settings. This time we’ll start in Genesis and then go to Thesis.

Multiple Payment Gateways and Manual Checkout

We could use Multiple Payment Gateways, we’re not going to but Multiple Payment Gateways give people more than one option to choose. We could use manual checkout for free products and we’re going to talk about that again in two weeks when we start looking at the 3 different ways to do free products so essentially, we’re leaving those alone.

Set Up PayPal Settings and PayPal Email Address

We are going to set our PayPal Settings and our PayPal email address. We’re not doing any shipping obviously so we don’t need that. We could if we wanted to customize the Return Button Text and check out page style name but that stuff that we’ll talk about at some future date.

But we do need our PDT Identity Token so if we come back over here to the site, actually my PayPal email address is not that, it’s I’m not using PayPal Based Shipping, I don’t need any Return Button Text or Custom Checkout Page Style Name although I do need a PDT Identity Token.

In order for us to do this, we have to log in to our PayPal account. Now, I know that different PayPal accounts look different and I don’t really know why that’s the case so I can’t explain to you why your PayPal login may look different than my PayPal login but regardless of that, what you’re looking for is your profile page because it’s the profile page where you’re going to set up some settings and get some information.

Selling Preferences and Instant Payment Notification Preferences

The first place we’re going to start is over here under Selling Preferences and Instant Payment Notification Preferences. You want to click on this link, go to the box here and enable IPN. Mine’s are already turned on and so if you click Edit Settings, you’re given the place to put that notification URL which is the transaction URL. This means that we would be placing our Thank you page URL in here. I’m not going to do that obviously because this is my real PayPal account and while we’re talking here I might get a real transaction I wouldn’t want to mess it up.

Then you want to enable Receive IPN Messages and then once you’ve done those two things, you hit save and you will have enabled the instant payment notification system. This is one of the aspects that’s essential in order for this whole thing to work automatically.

Set Up Hosted Payment Preferences

Once we’ve done that, we’ll click back over to my profile and the next thing we’re going to do is set up our hosted payment preferences and that is found under Hosted payment settings, Website payment preferences.

Now, there are a number of sections here, the first one is Auto return for Website Payments, this is the other setting that tells PayPal to automatically send the purchaser to your Thank you page once their transaction has been completed. Now, you need to turn that on and then you need to put that Return URL of that Thank you page here, so this is the same URL as you put in the WP eStore. You’re going to put that here and then PayPal has some requirements for content that goes on that.

If you look at this Learn More link, they have a nice little description about what is happening here. They’ve got this example verbiage right here that we’re just going to copy, it’s essentially, “Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at such and such to view the details of this transaction”. We’re just going to copy this and we’re going to come back over to our “Thank you” page and we’re going to paste it in.

Add WP eStore Transaction Result Shortcode

So let’s edit the page and now, instead of this “Thank You”, we’ll paste that text “Thank you for your payment” and actually, I think I’m going to say “purchase, Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at PayPal to view the details of this transaction”.

Then we’ll also add, “You can download your products from the links below” and I think I’m going to make that an h2, update that one and we’ll come back over here and do the same thing with this page, update that one.

So in both the Thesis and Genesis themes, our Transaction Result Display page is completed now, we’ve done both things that had to be done. We have entered the PayPal required text and we have entered the WP eStore transaction result shortcode. So now when somebody makes a purchase, they will be automatically redirected back to this page with download links and all will be well in the world.

Payment Data Transfer

That’s the first part, Auto Return for Website then we have our Payment Data Transfer. Now, if you’ve never set this before, it’s not going to look like this. So the first thing you have to do is set it on and then refresh it. Then you will get this really long odd number, it is the PDT Identity Token and you need this number in order to finish setting up your payment gateway. In fact, we may as well just do that right now, we’ll go ahead and copy that number.

PDT Identity Token

Now, if you can’t figure out how to get this number, essentially you turn it on and refresh your page and the number will show up. If that for some reason doesn’t work for you, when I do the testing demonstration in two weeks, I will be showing how to do that inside the sandbox and we’ll be able to start off with the blank account rather than an account with all this stuff already entered into it.

We’ll go ahead and copy that anyway and come over here to the PayPal settings and paste that identity token, that’s what has to happen here with this PayPal settings. Paste that identity token and that’s all we really need here.

Oh no, Use PayPal Payment Gateway, there’s our PayPal email address, we’re not going to use shipping, Return Button Text or Style Name but we do need our identity token and then it’s going to come back here and look at a couple of other things.

Additional Settings

In terms of Encrypted Website Payments, this actually has to do with using PayPal buttons rather than using your shopping cart so you should leave this off at the moment. Then PayPal Account Optional, I would recommend you turn that on, that allows people who don’t have a PayPal account to make purchases from you.

Contact Telephone Number, I would leave off, this requires them to enter their phone number in order to complete the transaction. There maybe some reason why you need to call them but I would just leave it off and give them some other way to do it.

In terms of Express Checkout Settings, unless you are working in the EU and you are dealing with some German funding issues, you would say “No” to do this. If you’re working with a German funding issues then you would say, “Yes” to do this and then once you’re done, hit save and that will set up all of your settings so here we are back over to here.

Now, we’re not going to use Manual Checkout Settings, we decided up here that we’re not going to use multiple gateways so the only way to pay is through PayPal. Theoretically, you could let them send you a check or something like that.

This is where you’d set up two checkout in as well but we’re not doing either of those. We’ll just hit update and our Payment Gateway Settings are set up.

Now, let’s go ahead and do that also in Thesis so we’ll come back over to Payment Gateway. After seeing me complete this twice, you’re probably starting to get the rhythm of the relationship of WP eStore to both Thesis and Genesis, it is exactly the same.

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