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Lesson 1 – Part 7 – Create a Digital Downloadable Product

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We have gotten all our WP eStore settings completed so we can now move on to creating digital downloadable products for our store.

So let’s create our first digital product. Again I’ve got an illustration for you here showing you the sort of the minimum necessary plus optional stuff that can be done here for digital download product, for the kind of product we’re talking about. We start off with the absolute minimum necessary which is a product name and a product price and this is actually the case for any product. Really, if you’ve got a physical product or if you’re selling something that is not downloadable, all you need is a name and a price to create the product and so we’ll start with that.

Set a Product Name and a Product Price

We’re going to come over here to Add Edit Products and the product name is going to be Apple Ardor Ebook. The price will be $5.00 and this is really all we need at a minimum to create a product. However, there’s this whole Additional Product Details section that has Product Description, Thumbnail Image URL, Thumbnail Target URL, Old Price, Additional Product Images, Product Page URL, and Button Image URL. All of these are all related to either creating a catalog or to something else and we’re not really going to set any of these things currently.

Set Up the Digital Content Details

We’ll add a bunch of things in here once we start using WP eStore to create a product catalog but for the time being, this week we’re not going to set anything in those. However, because it’s downloadable, we do need to add to this Digital Content Details section and the most important thing we have to do here is to upload the digital product file.

Ways of Adding Downloadable Products

There are essentially 4 different ways you can add the digital product file to the product itself and the first way is by simply using their upload file button.

Upload File Button

So you can use the upload file button and you can select the file, we’ll pick this one here. You select that file, open it and this automatically takes it into the Media Library, it’s what it does. You can leave it in the Media Library and if you want to do that, all you have to do is click this Insert into Post and you’ve uploaded the product to the Media Library. And then you’ve added it here, you’ve added that reference to the product description so this is the file that will be downloaded.

Already in the Media Library

Another way for you to insert this is, if it’s already in the Media Library, you could simply open your Media Library, cut and paste the URL here. The Media Library has limitations, right? There’s a maximum file size for your Media Library that make it so if you want to have a great big video, your Media Library can’t handle that being uploaded to it.

Use FTP to Upload

In that case, you might use your FTP Client, FileZilla or whatever to upload it to some other folders, some other directory. If you did that, then once you loaded it there you would put the URL to that here again in this section.

Use a Content Delivery Network

Finally, you could use Amazon S3 or some other content delivery network to store and host the file. We’re going to talk about setting it up at Amazon S3 here in a little while but for the time being, we’re going to use this upload file system and store the product in our Media Library.

So there it is and there’s really nothing else that has to be done here in order for this to work. If we come back over and just take a look at our illustration here for a second, we definitely need it to be downloadable and we need to have that file, it’s not going to be pay per view content. Later we’ll talk about digital product variations and then if you have digital product variations that’s going to go into this section.

Adding Tax Information

If you had taxes and taxes were different for this product than they are for other products, you could put a percentage here. So some things are taxable and some things aren’t. You might say this was not taxable then you could put a 0% there.

Let’s say you have a store where you’re selling both physical and digital products and you have to charge tax on the physical products but not on the digital products, you could put the regular tax in the main setting and then your digital products could have a 0 tax here.

We’re not really going to talk about how to use serial numbers and license keys in this class but if you were using something like that for your downloads, you would do that here.

WP eStore PDF Stamper

WP eStore has an addon called PDF Stamper that will automatically stamp the name and email address of the purchaser on every page of a PDF file and if you’re using that and have that installed, then you would just indicate whether or not you want to use PDF Stamper on this one.

Affiliate Platform Revenue and Autoresponder

Then you’ve got some Affiliate Platform Revenue Sharing things if you’re doing that. Autoresponder, we’ll talk about later when we talk about free products. You might use this even if the product wasn’t free but we’ll talk about the whole Autoresponder question when we are setting up the free products.

Special Instructions to Buyer

For some reason or another, if there were some special instructions that you want the buyer to have in their email that were particular to this product, then you could include that here. Now, because we’re using digital downloads, it’s not necessary but if there is some reason why you want to include an instruction then any special instruction you wanted to include could be placed in this box right here.

Direct Purchase through a Different PayPal Address

If you’re using the “Buy Now” button which we will be using, there are some times where you may want to direct the purchase through a different PayPal address. That is, maybe you’ve got something on your store that you are selling but it’s not yours and so it needs to go to the other guy’s PayPal address. All that kind of stuff can happen here including the right return URL for that condition and the right PayPal email and the right currency code. So to the extent that you want to be able to do that with somebody else’s product, if you’ve got that information, you can do that.

Now we’ll just hit save product. In our case, we’ve got our location and we’ve got nothing else that needs to be done so we save our product. Notice this is product ID 1.

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