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Lesson 1 – Part 3 – Create the Thank You/Transaction Results Page

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Now that we have WP eStore installed we actually have to create a Thank You page or a Transaction Results page before we dive into our settings. The reason we need this page is that in order for all these digital products to be delivered automatically, PayPal and WP eStore need to communicate with each other. They need a common place where they’re going to send information to and from and that common place is the Transaction Results page or the Thank You page.

How to Create the Transaction Results Page

So we’re just going to start off by creating that page and I’m here in the Genesis site and I’m just going to say Add New and I’m going to entitle this “Thank You for Buying Our Product”. Okay, so this is the Thank You page and right now we’re just going to add some text, “Thank you” and I’m just going to leave it at that for the moment.

I’m going to change the URL here and I’m just going to call it purchase-thank-you. And I’m going to publish that so we’ve got this page.

For some of you, this is going to be self-evident but it’s exactly the same process in Thesis. We go over to Pages and Add New, “Thank You for Buying Our Product”, change the URL to shorten it a bit and hit publish So now, we’ve created our page. In fact, I’m going to view this page in both cases. So this is going to be our Transaction Results page for both Thesis and for Genesis.

Insert Transaction Result Display Shortcode for WP eStore

There’s actually one other thing we need to do to this so we’re going to go back and edit these pages. We need to insert the transaction result display shortcode for WP eStore. Let’s come over here to lesson 1 resources, I’ve created a brand new WP eStore Shortcodes Cheat Sheet. If you’ve downloaded the old one in the past, you want to do this one instead because this one has new information on it. Go ahead and click the Download WP eStore Shortcodes Cheat Sheet.

I’m going to talk more about the shortcodes here in the later part of the lesson. At the moment we’re going to go all the way down to the bottom to the Miscellaneous section of the shortcodes . And we’re going to copy the [wp_eStore_transaction_result:end] shortcode. Copy that, come over here to the Edit and go over here into the Text View. Paste that shortcode [wp_eStore_transaction_result:end]. In fact, I’m going to copy this and stick it in both places and update that page.

Same Process Used Regardless of Your WordPress Theme

You can see these are exactly identical whether you’re doing it in Thesis or in Genesis and in fact, almost everything we do here will be identical regardless of what theme you’re using. Some people are leery of doing the class in one theme when they’re using a different one but WP eStore is essentially the same in all themes right up until the time you start customizing its appearance. Anyway, here we are, Genesis and Thesis, and we’ve got our Transaction Result page set up and it’s ready to go. So now we’re ready actually to go to the general settings.

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