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Lesson 1 – Part 2 – Install WP eStore

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Now that we’ve decided we’re going to create a simple store that sells digital download products with WP eStore, we need to install WP eStore. We’re actually going to be working on two different sites here today. We’re going to be working on which is for the Thesis Theme 2.1 and we’re all going to be working in for the Genesis Theme 2.2

Purchase WP eStore

We’re going to start off here in Thesis 2 and we’re just going to install some plugins. To get the plugin, if you come over here to Lesson 1 – Setup a Simple Store that Sells Digital Products page and you click on the WP eStore link, it’ll take you to WP eStore where you can purchase the plugin.

Upload the Plugin

Once you’ve done that, it will send you a download link and you can download it to your computer. I’ve already done that. I already have it on my computer so all I have to do is go to Plugins and Add New and upload it. I’ll choose the file and then what I’m looking for here is this zip file, it’s called It has to all be zipped up if you downloaded it onto a Mac and your Mac automatically unziped it, you need to go back and zip this thing back up or tell your Mac not to unzip it.

If you’ve got wp-cart-for-digital-products and then there’s a 1 in parenthesis that means you’ve got it downloaded twice in this location. Delete the old one, rename the new one so that it’s just wp-cart-for-digital-products, that’s what this should look like.

Install and Activate WP eStore

Open that up and install it and then we’re going to activate it. Now we’ve installed WP eStore. It’s actually very simple, just like any other plugin, to install and the one that we’re working on right now is

Install WP eStore Extra Shortcodes Plugin

There’s one other plugin that I want you to install as well and that plugin can be found here, it’s the Download WP eStore Extra Shortcodes Plugin. This is a newly updated plugin and these are the WP eStore addons. These addons are all free as long as you’ve purchased WP eStor.

The way you get it is to follow that link and you can go to the download area from here and then if you’re logged in which I am at the moment, it’ll show you the available addons. To download it choose, “Click to Download”. Now, I’ve already downloaded it so I’m not going to download it again but there are a bunch of addons that you can use with WP eStore and we’re going to install this add on.

This addon is just a plugin so we’re going to upload plugins, choose the file and this is called Again, if it’s got a 1 in it, you’ve got extra copies and you need to delete the old copies and rename it so it no longer has a 1 in it. I swear that problem has been happening over and over and over again this last couple of months.

Activate that plugin and now you’ve got WP eStore and WP eStore Extra Shortcodes installed. If you’re not using version 4.6.6 of the Extra Shortcodes, you have to delete your copy and then get a new copy of this so that you can use 4.6.6.

If we come over here to Genesis, you’re going to actually see I’ve already done those two things, I’ve already installed both WP eStore and the Extra Shortcodes. That’s all there is to it, they’re now installed.

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