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Lesson 1 – Part 10 – Question and Answer

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Well, that wraps up this part of my presentation so now I’m going to take questions. I did have a couple of questions that were submitted prior to class but this is going to be your time to ask them. Okay, Janice. Hi, Janice I’ve just unmuted your microphone. I can hear a little background noise there, are you with me? Okay, she doesn’t wish to do that online. No problem.

Are A/B Split Testing Testing Features Available in eCommerce Plugins?

Okay, Janice asks, “Are there any A/B Split Testing features available in eCommerce plugins?” You know, I don’t believe there are. You can set up an additional or an alternate product page and use other A/B Testing systems to choose between the product pages. That’s especially the case if you aren’t using a regular catalog like in this case, it would be very simple because you’re just pages and so you would create two pages for the product, one page with one kind of text and set up and another page, another kind of text and set up and then you would just use whatever A/B Testing system you’re using for swapping those pages back and forth and measuring the metrics, otherwise, I don’t know of any other system for doing that.

You know those products with product categories and product catalogs or those systems with product catalogs would have a hard time I think with that kind of testing. I mean you just have to create a fake product page using their page specific kinds of input and then you have a regular product page and you have to swap back and forth but there’s not one that I know of, certainly not in the 6 that I talked about. Okay, Bliss has some questions. Good morning, Bliss I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Bliss: Wow, this one’s more interesting to me than some of the others. Does the account of PayPal have to be a business account or a personal account?

Rick: You know, I don’t really think it matters although you probably want to create it as a business account eventually.

Bliss: Okay.

Rick: If it’s not a business account today, it’s really only a click of a button to make it a business account.

Does a Buyer Need to Have a PayPal Account?

Bliss: I notice that the Thank You thing that PayPal wanted to say, “Check Your PayPal Account”, does that mean that the buyer has to have a PayPal account?

Rick: Well, they only have to have a PayPal account if you’ve checked that setting that says, you know, what was that setting? It was the PayPal Account Optional so if you make the PayPal account optional then it’s actually optional, otherwise, it’s not.

Bliss: So if they don’t have a PayPal account, how do they pay with Visa or…

Rick: As long as you’ve made it optional then they can just use Visa or Mastercard.

Bliss: So PayPal still processes that?

Rick: Yes.

Why Use Amazon S3?

Bliss: Okay. The Amazon S3 thing, is that because of file size or because you actually set up an Amazon store?

Rick: It has nothing to do with setting up an Amazon store, entirely unrelated to that. The reason for using Amazon S3 is because file delivery can take a lot of server resources especially if you’re on a shared server and so if your website is delivering a large file to somebody, that can slow it down and if it’s delivering a bunch of large files to a bunch of somebody’s that can really slow it down. So Amazon S3 is a way of storing and delivering your files away from your server, it’s called a Content Delivery Network and many people use it for lots of different static resources. On BYOBWebsite, it actually serves all of its images, all of its static files, all of its downloads, all of that stuff comes from Amazon S3 in order to speed it up.

Bliss: Do they charge you for using that storage?

Rick: Of course but it’s cheap.

Bliss: Okay.

Rick: No, no I mean I have well, probably close to 2500 videos there. I don’t even know how many hundreds of backups from various sites are there, I use a ton of it and it’s causing me I think $83 a month and that includes all of the video delivery. Anytime somebody comes and watches a video on my site, Amazon is serving it to them so that includes all video storage and delivery for all of my videos. It’s very inexpensive, it was years before I was spending more than $20 and you know, the first couple of months, it was ridiculous, I was getting a 50 cent charge or a 75 cent charge or something like that.

Bliss: That brings up another thought on my lead generation site, I’m planning on having an information video there and I didn’t want them to click on the video and leave and go to Youtube so having at that delivered by Amazon S3 is a way to solve that problem?

Rick: It’s a way to solve the problem. There are other ways to solve the problem too but it certainly is a way to solve it.

Bliss: Okay.

Rick: Any self-hosted video system will solve that problem and I teach a couple of self-hosted video systems and one of them where you hosted on your site and one of them where you hosted at Amazon and then I teach Vimeo which if you pay for it, they won’t go to Vimeo by clicking on the Video.

Bliss: Okay. I’m good now, thank you very much.

Rick: Okay, you have a great day.

Bliss: Thank you.

Rick: Bye. Okay, John Turner. Good morning, John I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

John: Good morning, Rick. How are you?

Where to Find the Download for Shortcode Cheat Sheet?

Rick: I’m doing well. So you want to know where to get the Download that Shortcode Cheat Sheet and that is on the Lesson page which I clearly closed so go the WordPress eCommerce seminar series and scroll down to the bottom down to Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore and then go to Lesson 1 and it’s in the Lesson 1 Resources right over here, Download WP eStore Shortcodes Cheat Sheet, the Extra Shortcodes Plugin and WP eStore. I’ll add lecture notes and slides here later today.

John: Okay, thank you.

Rick: This Lesson 1 Resources thing exist on all of my classes so anytime I make reference to a link on my site inside of a class, it’s going to be in this Resources box here at the top of that lesson.

John: Oh, okay. Great.

Rick: Anything else?

John: No, I think that’s it. Thanks.

Rick: You’re welcome. Have a good day.

John: You too.

Rick: Okay, let’s see so next up is Carolyn. Good morning, Carolyn I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Carolyn Benjamin?

Thesis 2.1 Launch Party Schedule

Carolyn: Hi. I was just wondering if you had defined yet if you’re going to do the launch sessions for the new Thesis next week?

Rick: Oh, yes. Next week is launch party week and you’ll get an email with the schedule tomorrow but Mondays, well I’m going to do one Monday morning and Monday evening and those are going to be Thesis 2.1 for the none-technical user and then Wednesday morning and evening will be Thesis 2.1 for the DIYer so that’s somebody like you and then Fridays just in the morning is going to be Thesis 2.1 for the web developer, web designer.

Carolyn: So Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

Rick: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that’ll be 5 sessions, 2 of them for the first 2 and one of them for the 3rd one.

Carolyn: So Wednesday is probably for me, okay.

Rick: Well, you probably want to come to Monday and Wednesday because I’m not going to repeat on Wednesday what I taught on Monday.

Carolyn: Okay, sounds good, okay. Good to know.

Rick: So it’s probably both but I will try to have those videos on the site almost instantly so if you miss it.

Carolyn: Oh, good, that’s great. Okay, thank you.

Rick: They’ll be rough edited but they’ll go on the site right away.

Carolyn: Terrific. Thank you very much.

Rick: You’re welcome. Anything else?

Carolyn: Nope. I’m enjoying this class, thank you.

Rick: Good. You’re welcome. Bye. Okay, this is it nobody else has any questions, this is your last chance to ask one or I’m going to call it a day and as you just heard, next week is a big week. Next Thursday’s class is going to be the next step which is how to set up a larger store with product categories and product catalog and some automatic product display styles and that kind of stuff so we’ll take WP eStore to the next level. Then the following week will be the week where we test it in the sandbox and the week after that, we will add free content and integrate email marketing and that kind of stuff with it and then the week after that, we’ll do customizing its appearance so plenty to do here with WP eStore. In the absence of any further questions, I look forward to chatting with you, guys next week, it’s going to be a big week. Everybody have a lovely day and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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