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Lesson 2 – Part 10 – Create a Product in Thesis 2

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I have created the products under WP eStore but I don’t have them as regular products in Thesis 2 because we didn’t have a products taxonomy setup. But now that we’ve setup the Product Catalog, I’m going to create my product pages in Thesis 2.

Create the First Product Page

The first product page is going to be First Example Thesis Plugin, then I’m going to have my content and I’m going to set my product category as Thesis Plugin and then I’m going to set my featured image as Thesis Plugin number 1, set that as the featured image and hit publish.

If we view this product, you can see it there and actually, I want to go down to permalink settings for just a second here. We don’t want “monthnum” in this, we just want category and post name here and we might actually need to install a plugin too. We want the permalinks for the products to follow the taxonomy and not the post type. We want this to say store and then its taxonomy.

Setup Permalink Settings

So we’re going to add a new plugin and we’re going to search for “taxonomy permalink”, Custom Post Type Permalinks. We’re going to just do this right here, we’re going to install this one, activate the plugin and then we’ll look at the permalinks here.

Permalink Setting, tags. You can use %”custom_taxonomy_slug”% and it’s going to be right here, %”custom_taxonomy_slug”%. Except that I think I’m missing something here. Tags you can use is WordPress Structure Tags, %”custom_taxonomy_slug”%, we got to save that changes and see what happens here.

Edit the product and then let’s go back and view the product. Okay this is not quite right, and the %”custom_taxonomy_slug”% was %”product_categories”% right, that’s the way it should be. We’ll save those changes and we’ll refresh this so products/thesis-plugins/first-example-thesis-plugin/, view the product, here we go. I think this is a good layout, products/thesis-plugins/first-example-thesis-plugin/ right? So now we’ve got our permalink settings the way we want them to be set.

Create the Rest of the Products

Now what we’ll do is go on to create the rest of our products. The next product is going to be Second Example and give it a product category which in this case is Thesis Plugin and then view that product. We’re missing our featured image, so set the featured image, update it and then add product.

Third Example Plugin, add some lorem ipsum text, assign it a product category, choose an image let’s see, Thesis 1, 2 and 3, set the featured image and publish. Add another product and it’s going to be the First Example Genesis Plugin, set the featured image, Genesis Plugin 1. You know, in order to expedite this, I’m going to show you something else because otherwise we’re just going to have to come back and do this in all of them.

Using BYOB WP eStore Product Elements Box

We’re going to come over to our Thesis Manage Boxes and I’ve created a box for this purpose, it’s called BYOB WP eStore Product Elements box. It will be available for you to download from the Lesson Resources. Lesson Resources in this case, is the Lesson 2 Resources so if we go to the eCommerce Seminar Series and then Selling Products with WP eStore and then Lesson 2, it’s going to show up here under this Lesson 2 Resources.

So it does a number of things and I’ll talk about what it does more later but one of the things it does is it adds this little post metabox, WP eStore Product ID to post pages custom post types.

We’re going to specify the product ID for this product here and then you’ll see why in a minute, that’s product 10 and that’s product ID 10 and hit update. This is First Example, we might as well edit that product while we’re here and First Example is product 2. Why I said it’s 10, it’s not 10, it’s 5. Okay, 2, update 5, update. We’re going to use this to add things like price and “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons and that kind of stuff to our template, that’s what this is going to be used for.

So let’s go back over to products for just a second and we’re going to add the other ones. So Second Example Thesis Plugin, that is 3 and 4, okay. So now we’re going to add a new product, it’s going to be our Second Example, it’s product ID 6 and it is under Genesis Plugins and we’ll set our featured image, scroll down to Genesis Plugins 2 and publish it.

Add another product and it’s going to be Third Example Plugin, product 7 and again, Genesis Plugins and set the featured image and update it. Add another project and now we’re going to start Instruction so SimplePress Video, product 8, Instruction is going to be SimplePress Forum Instruction, set featured image is our SimplePress Video Series 1, set that featured image, update it.

Add product and SimplePress eBook, product 9 and down under Instruction, SimplePress Instruction and then set the featured image as SimplePress eBook. Now obviously, this is getting to be routine and in fact, I think what I’m going to do rather than just continuing to do this, I’m going to publish that, view the product. Okay, great.

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