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Lesson 2 – Part 13 – Question and Answer

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Now I’m going to open it up to questions. I don’t actually have any questions here. We’re going to come back to this in two weeks and look at how to style this stuff in Thesis 2. Next week we’re going to put the shopping cart on the sites and set up PayPal sandbox and test everything, the week after that we’re going to be setting up the email marketing and adding free products to the site and week 5 is where we’re going to customize the appearance. So in week 5, I will be talking about how to change what this stuff looks like, right now what we’re working on is how it functions.

So I’m here to take questions if you’ve got them. There are no questions posted in the question box so I don’t know if that means that you don’t have any. You know, the big takeaway from this last 4 hours of talking is that we talked about 3 ways last week of displaying the product catalog stuff and I’ve demonstrated 2 of them. One of them using pages and then all the WP eStore shortcodes and the other one is using custom post types and custom taxonomies and using the native Thesis ability to reorder the display of stuff the way you want to display and this essentially gives you complete control over what that stuff looks like. Now, Jerry I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

What Custom Post Types Plugin to Use with Shopp in Thesis 2.1?

Jerry: Hi, Rick.

Rick: Hi. So you want to know about Shopp again?

Jerry: Yeah, that custom post types plugin that you demonstrated that allow you to use Shopp with Thesis 2.1, no?

Rick: No. That custom post types plugin has been around for a long time and it still doesn’t. It’s not a question of whether or not the custom post type stuff shows up, it’s the question of the way Shopp deals with templates. Now, if you are running Thesis 1.8.5 and Shopp right now, I don’t…

Jerry: It’s the site that I was working on before I changed over to 2.1.

Rick: Okay, well don’t upgrade to 1.2.7 on a 1.8.5 site because they changed 1.2.7 and now it’s entirely incompatible with Thesis 1.8.5. So you do not…

Jerry: That will be my next question.

Rick: If you’re going to use Shopp, you can’t be using 1.2.7 with Thesis 1.8.5. Now I haven’t tried to see whether or not it works with Thesis 2.1 you know, but whatever they did in 1.2.7 has obliterated a working store that I don’t have a fix for.

Jerry: Should I back up with the one I have, try installing and see what happens but I don’t have time.

Rick: Yeah well, in any case, 1.2.7 is not compatible with 1.8.5 so whatever you do, don’t upgrade an existing customer site because you will lose the store entirely, you just have blank pages. One of the jobs I have to do this afternoon after I’m done with all this is go back and restore an existing store back to the 1.2.5 version so that the store can be up and running again so bad news.

Jerry: Okay, thanks.

Rick: You’re welcome. Talk to you later.

Jerry: Okay.

Rick: Bye. Okay, Cheryl has a couple of questions so Cheryl? Good morning Cheryl I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Cheryl: I think I’m pretty, I’m open to you.

Rick: Okay, so you are working on 1.8.5 and don’t intend to update. These boxes are not available for you but you would just use the Genesis method then.

Cheryl: Oh, okay.

Rick: In fact, if you’re working in 1.8.5, my other class is all about how to do this in Thesis 1. This is an updated class that addresses how to approach the stuff in Thesis 2 but if you go just to the menu, you can see a Build an eCommerce Website. The building in eCommerce website is the Thesis 1 version of this class.

Cheryl: Alright.

Rick: And it talks quite a bit about customizing WP eStore in Thesis 1.

Cheryl: And I just finished the spreadsheet for all the products and I have about 500 products.

Rick: And did you use this system here, their little WP CSV to Database Plugin?

Chery: I have yet to upload it into that we’re using that plugin yet. I have just made the spreadsheet and I know there’s a category spreadsheet and the category spreadsheet I have to figure out yet but I just finished this other spreadsheet and I’m eager to see what happens after I do that, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Rick: Well, it’s probably going to go smoothly. I did this myself you know, I created all my products actually in this spreadsheet and then uploaded them to the sites because both sites have the same products, right? And the CSV import went fine in both cases, both in Genesis and Thesis.

Cheryl: And so that just makes them show up on the pages?

Rick: It does not make them show up on the pages, no, it just makes them show up as products.

Cheryl: Available to you. Okay.

Rick: Okay well, one thing to consider is whether or not, I mean if you have 500 products, you have long product descriptions?

Cheryl: No, they’re very short.

Rick: So, you may not want a product page, right? You may be good enough just having the little product display. If you’ve got short product descriptions, you know this standard display like this may be good enough for you, right?

Cheryl: okay

Rick: Well, so you won’t need to create product pages. This class, actually classes presupposed that you have long product descriptions and that you want product pages but if you have 500 products that you’re importing and they all have short product descriptions, then I wouldn’t bother with product pages.

Cheryl: Okay. I may have like a special page for our product here and there and that would be beneficial but overall now, I just need the short little quick look.

Rick: Right. So you’ll get all of this in the CSV import as long as each product has a description.

Cheryl: It does. Okay.

Rick: If you did have products with long descriptions, you could use a similar plugin for book creating posts. It’s not the same one but it’s a similar one but I don’t think you’re in that situation.

Cheryl: Okay. I’m continuing through the class that’s on the other end and somehow I saw this and I thought this was related and I thought, okay. So I got educated more than I needed.

Rick: Well, I mean there’s a lot of what we talked about today is still applicable to what you’re doing except for the creating the product page.

Cheryl: Okay, thank you.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome. Have a good day. Okay, well I guess that’s it. I don’t have any other questions so we’ll be back next week for the next session and I probably have something else going on next week too. I may be announcing the beginner’s guide to the Thesis 2.1 skin editor so it’s the redo of that other class for Thesis 2.1. Anyway, everybody have a lovely day and I look forward to chatting with you all again soon. Bye.

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