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Lesson 2 – Part 5 – Setup WP eStore Product Catalog in Genesis

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Now that we’ve discussed the WP eStore system for Catalog Display, we’re going to create products and product categories and we’re going to start that off in the Genesis theme using pages. As I said earlier, we’re going to use the page system because we want to do this in Genesis with the minimum amount of programming necessary. So we’re going to use all the display style systems that WP eStore includes.

Create Categories in WP eStore

I’m at, that’s the demonstration site for this and we’re going to start off down here in WP eStore. We’re going to start by creating categories so I’m just going to create these categories. We said the department names were going to be Instruction. Just a moment here, I am going to steal some text from a place that I’ve been working on this.

Okay, so for Category Description, this is what’s going to show up. This is the description that’s going to show up when you list the categories. So the category name is Instruction, here’s the description of it and it’s asking for a Category Target URL which means we should create our catalog page essentially.

Create Catalog Pages

So we’re going to come over and do that as well at the same time, okay. We’re going to start off by creating a parent page called Store. And we’ll publish that. Then we’re going to add a new page and we’re going to call that Instruction and we are going to place that under Store.

That’s the first child under Store and we’ll view that page to get its URL, there is its URL. The Target URL is going to be that page because that’s the page where it’s going to display instruction.

Then the Category Thumbnail Image URL is an image that I have already uploaded into my image library. These are all images that I use and we are talking about category and it is category Instruction. We will edit this, copy that image, paste it there, save the category.

So now the Category ID 1 is a category Instruction, Category ID 2 will be Plugins and I’m going to use varying sizes of text here. So Category Description for the WPeStore Product Category(ePC) called “Plugins”, now we have to go create this page.

So we’re going Add New Page and this is going to be Plugins and it’s also going to be a parent of Store. We’ll publish it, view that page, copy that URL, place that in the target. Go to the Media and we’re looking now for the category Plugins so we’ll edit that one. You’re going to get bored of this by the time we get done here with all the repetition. Save that category, that’s now Category ID 2.

Category ID 3 will be Consulting and the text for Consulting is that. The Target URL is going to be Consulting, the parent is going to be Store and then we’ll go back to view Page, grab the URL. That’s its Target URL, Category Thumbnail URL is Category Consulting. Okay, category-plugins, category-instruction, category-consulting. Those are our main categories.

Now, we’re going to create the next level of categories and recognizing that there are no such thing as levels here but nevertheless, the next level of categories. We’re going to do this under Instruction and it’ll be WordPress Instruction. Our Category Description will be that, our Category Target URL is going to be this.

Add New Page and this is going to be WordPress Instruction and it’s parent is going to be Instruction. We’re going to give it a sort order of 1 and then actually, I did Instruction in here twice so I’m changing the URL, update it, view the page, grab the URL, come back over here, place that Target URL here. Come back over to Media and now, we’re looking for wordpress-instruction, save category. So if we look at our product categories, we’ve got product categories ID 1 through 13.

Develop the Department Pages

Now, what we’re going to do is develop our department pages. We’re going to start off with our Instruction and our Instruction IDs go from 4 to 11. Let’s just go back to the dashboard and go to Pages and go down to our Instruction page and switch over to the visual view. Now we can use this WP eStore Shortcodes potentially for inserting products because what we’re looking for is, category_fancy.

This is what we want to do, we want to display the category in a fancy format with the specific IDs and so in this case, it’s 4 through 11. Let’s just see whether or not the documentation says we can put multiple IDs in there because it’s showing 2 numbers. Let’s see if there are little less show.

Product ID or Category ID, it does not say that you can display multiple products but let’s try it, what the heck. So we’ll just say 4 and 5, update. Let’s view the page, okay, it only did 4 as WordPress Instruction. I wonder what happens if I don’t have that but just say 4 space 5. No, it’s only going to let me do one at a time.

So what we’re going to do is delete that and we’re going to copy this and use it several times over. So 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, 4 and then 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, okay. Update that, so this is our Instruction page and we’ve got WordPress Instruction, Thesis Instruction, Genesis, WooCommerce, MarketPress.

Let’s go to the Our Products page and we’re going to edit this and we’re going to do the same thing. We don’t have to do it that way though, I can just do it like this but what we’re going to do now is show our departments, 1, 2 and 3. Update that, view that page. And here we are in our main store page.

I obviously put in 3 twice but it’s got each of our departments in it now and then if you click on one of the departments, it takes you over to that department page. Then if you click on the category inside that department page, this is where we will actually put products next time.

So the next thing that we’re going to do here is create products for this. Then we’ll stick those products in, categorize them so when we click over here, it’ll take us over to the catalog page that shows the product category.

Actually, let’s go to the Plugins page and let’s edit that and let’s put those two in as well and that’s 12 and 13. So Thesis Plugins and Genesis Plugins and then this one here, our Consulting one is actually not going to take us to a category page, it’s going to take us to our listing of our products to go in there which is what’s next.

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