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Lesson 3 – Testing the function of WP eStore using PayPal Sandbox

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In this third lesson of our How to Sell Your Digital Products With WP eStore course we move on to testing WP eStore transactions using PayPal Sandbox. But first we begin with a discussion of the difference between using “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons and why we are using a shopping cart here. Then we show how to configure the WP eStore Shopping Cart for both the Thesis and Genesis themes. After which we add the shopping cart to the store pages.

Once we’ve gotten the shopping cart setup we test a transaction in WP eStore, checking to be sure all notifications and emails have been sent correctly. We show how to add product specific information to the notification emails and then go through all the necessary steps to delete testing elements once the testing is completed.


  • The difference between add to cart and buy now
  • Need a shopping cart to continue
  • We’ve already set the store up for using the Sandbox

Configure the WP eStore Shopping Cart

  • General eStore Settings
  • Shopping Cart Specific Settings
  • Create Checkout Page
    • Genesis
    • Thesis 2

Place the Shopping Cart on the Store Pages

  • Add the cart shortcode to the checkout page
  • Add the cart widget to the sidebar
  • Review shopping cart shortcodes
  • Add shortcode to Genesis header widget

Test a transaction

  • Test purchase
  • Check seller notifications
  • Check seller emails
  • Check buyer notifications
  • Check buyer emails

Troubleshooting failures in Digital Delivery

  • Another test transaction
  • Take the financial transaction out of the equation
  • Check Amazon API numbers
  • Another test transaction
  • Check url format

Add Product Specific Information to notification Emails

  • Add the information to the product
  • Add the tag to the email
  • Test

Once Testing is Completed

  • Turn off any recurring payments at PayPal
  • Delete testing transactions
  • Delete testing customers
  • Switch to live settings

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