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Lesson 3 – Part 1 – Introduction – Prepare WP eStore to Use the Paypal Sandbox

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Good morning everybody and welcome to Lesson 3 of our Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore series. In this lesson, we are going to test the function of WP eStore using the PayPal Sandbox.

So if you don’t have a PayPal Sandbox account already setup and configured then I strongly encourage you to go over here to this first link in the Lesson Resources to view the PayPal Sandbox Seminar. In that I go through the process of describing how to set up the PayPal Sandbox account, how to configure it, how to get it ready for use in your eCommerce store and most of what I teach there is applicable for any plugin that you want to test using PayPal.

New PayPal Sandbox Much Simpler and Easier to Configure

There is some WP eStore specific content that I presented in that so it’s definitely not something to skip if you’re inclined to do so. If you’ve tried to set up PayPal Sandbox in the past, I just want to encourage you by saying that this is the new system of PayPal Sandbox is much simpler and easier both to configure and to use than the old system was. So if you tried it a couple of years ago and got buried under a load of stuff you couldn’t figure out, that’s not going to happen to you this time around.

So we are going to start with this and I already have the PayPal Sandbox site setup and configured. Its Return URL is configured to go to this estore3.genesisestore site that we created for the purpose of demonstrating WP eStore in Genesis. And now we’re going to work on setting this site up.

I’m going to quickly prepare the site to use the PayPal Sandbox information that we created and if you just finished watching the PayPal Sandbox Seminar, this is essentially a repeat of the very last section.

PayPal Sandbox Account Configuration

The first thing we’re going to do is log in to and log in with our PayPal account. The only reason I’m doing this at this point is because I need to copy some information about the accounts that I haven’t copied before and I don’t remember. Theoretically, you don’t have to log in to “developer”, you can go directly to but I don’t remember my username.

We’ll come over here to Applications and then to Sandbox Accounts and this is that business account that was set up and this is that email address I need to have. In fact, I can choose to just go to the sandbox site by clicking on this link or I could type in but I’ll go ahead and just use that link.

Get PDT Identity Token

Then again sign in with my real PayPal information and now that I’m logged in to the Sandbox, I’m going to log in with my seller information so this is my email address and here’s my password. And I’ve logged into my seller account. What I primarily need to get is my PDT Identity Token here and so I went to my Profile and My selling tools and Website preferences and hit Update. My PDT Identity Token is this one right here so I’ll copy that.

Then I’m going to come back over to my test site and if you’re working in Thesis this is exactly the same whether it’s Thesis or Genesis or TwentyTwelve or any other theme. It doesn’t really matter which theme you’re using for this kind of configuration, it’s going to behave the same regardless.

WP eStore Settings

So I’m going to come over to WP eStore Settings and under General Settings, I’m going to scroll down here to Post Payment Processing and make sure that both of these are checked so Automatic Post Payment Processing is checked and Enable Transaction Result Display is checked and I’m going to scroll down here to the bottom and make sure that Enable Debug is checked and Enable Sandbox Testing is checked and then hit Update.

Add Sandbox PDT Identity Token

I’m going to come over to Payment Gateway Settings and this is the real PDT Identity Token, I want to paste my Sandbox one in and then I need to change this email to the seller email address in the Sandbox for my real PayPal email address.

We’ve got the seller Sandbox account and the seller PDT Identity Token set up, so we’ll come down and hit Update. And now WP eStore is fully configured to use the PayPal Sandbox settings.

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