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Lesson 4 – Email Marketing – Build your email list with free products

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In this lesson of our How to Sell Your Digital Products With WP eStore course we will be integrating email marketing into our store.  While this lesson is taught using AWeber, the concepts can be easily applied to MailChimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing systems.  WP eStore provides seamless integration with the major email marketing systems.

The majority of this class is demonstrated using Genesis but all of the systems taught here can be easily applied to Thesis 2 or any other WordPress theme.  This site has ample documentation on how to insert email signup forms using Thesis 2.

Integrating Email Marketing with your Store

  • Have a purpose
  • Process overview
    • Scenario 1 – the WP eStore way
    • Scenario 2 – The traditional way
    • Scenario 3 – Rick’s way
    • Link to thank you page in email
  • Pieces of the puzzle
    • Free product
    • Email marketing system – AWeber
    • Sign up form
    • Product delivery

Create your first list with AWeber

  • Why not just manage the list yourself
  • Understanding the terminology
    • Lists
    • Sign up forms
    • Confirmation
    • Success/Thank you
    • Follow up emails
    • Broadcast emails
  • Create a list
  • Create a form
  • Setup Confirmation
  • Setup Success Page
  • Publish form

Create your first Autoresponder Email

  • What makes a good email?
  • The AWeber visual editor
  • Add a title
  • Add some text
  • Add a signature

Understanding WP eStore’s Download Options

  • Download Now Link
  • Fancy Display download
  • Free Download Now

Configure a Free Product within the Product Catalog

  • Set the Product Price to 0.00
  • Change the type button on the product page
  • Add redirection to the button
  • Add download link to the thank you page
  • Test the system
  • What if you have several free products?

Add a Free Download in a Call to Action

  • Create a new form
    • Simple form
    • Edit name
    • remove header & footer
    • Change submit
    • Remove background color
  • Publish form
  • Paste in Text widget
  • Test

Integrate WP eStore with AWeber

  • Create a new list
  • Creating AutoResponder settings
  • Product Specific AutoResponder settings

Test Customer Autoresponder Settings

  • Buy a product
  • Track emails

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