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Lesson 4 – Part 6 – Add a Free Download in a Call to Action

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Something else I want to do is demonstrate as part of this lesson on Email Marketing for your WP eStore is having a download for the free WP eStore product with a second form outside of the context of the free product.

Create New Sign Up Form in AWeber

So it’s the same product really, but what we’re going to do here is come back to our AWeber account and we’re going to create a new sign up form. You can see I’m now signed up there. We go to a new sign up form. And this one is just going to be a plain, old opt in. What I want to do here is create a very generic sign up form.

I’m going to show more and I’m going to look at my templates. Show more and then generic and then I want tiny. We’ll use basic and we’ll load that template. Now I’m going to delete the header and the footer. I’m going to delete this here and I’m going to resize this so it’s a little bit bigger.

I’m going to edit the name so it’s first name and last name. I’m going to edit the submit button to download now and I’m going to take the background color and I’m going to say no color. Okay, it still looks like it’s got a background. Oh, that was the submit button. Pardon me, we’ll go to the body and the background. We’ll have no color. I want this to be plain, plain, plain.

Download Page URL

We’re going to save this form. We’re going to go to step 2 and for the Already Subscribed Page, we’ll use that same custom URL which was the download. Obviously, I threw that page away so let’s go back to that page. Here is the download. We’re going to click view that because this is the page we want them directed to as soon as they confirm or if they’ve already subscribed.

And the thank you page can have the smart version of the video and this is going to become the opt in form. And let’s look at advanced options… yeah, that’s fine. And save the form, go to Step 3.

Remove Pre-Existing Styles

I’m going to install my form but this time, I’m going to take the raw HTML version and I’m going to copy the whole thing. And then I’m going to delete a bunch of junk out of it. I’m going to delete all of the styles. So from the ending style tag to the beginning style tag, I’m going to delete. So essentially, right after AWeber form generator, there’s a style type text equals css, all the way down to the closing style tag. I don’t want any styles added to the form. I’m just going to delete that.

Add Form to WordPress Site

And so now, the only form I’ve got is this stuff down here. Let’s see, where am I? So I’m going to copy that and then I’m going to come back over to my WordPress site here. I’m going to go over to Appearance and Widgets. What I’m doing is, I’m adding this to that, what Genesis calls the generate box, this call to action box. I’m just putting it inside of a text widget and hit save.

Fix the Form

Now if we go back to our main page… what on earth did I do? I clearly screwed that form up. Let’s go back to design. Let’s go back to settings, show advanced settings. Okay, save my form. Go to Step 3, raw HTML. How did I end up with the silly Facebook thing? Actually, I definitely have to go back to design here for a second… that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve actually never seen getting sent to a Facebook form. Oh, that’s checked right there. I don’t know how that happened. Facebook integration got checked. Save your form.

Now let’s see what happens now that I’ve unchecked Facebook. Okay, not what I wanted to have happened. Let’s try that again. So we’ll go to Step 3. We’ll go to the raw HTML. Actually, we can uncheck and close beautiful form styles because that’s what I want, an unformatted basic form. Copy. Let’s go back to our widgets. That Facebook thing must have thrown it all off. There we go, that’s what I want it to look like because Genesis has this sort of automatic formatting for their generate box.

And now, if I sign up… so, Rick Anderson and then byob… test to a Gmail and if I hit download now, it’s just automatically taking me to the download because I’ve already signed up. If instead of that, I type in Rick and the email address I use is and click download now, now I’m sent to the same video activated or the video confirmation page which is for one reason or another, not running. But… oh, that’s because it’s stil up over here probably. But anyway, you get the idea, right?

And then in my inbox, I’ll have that confirmation email and it will take me back.

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